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message 1: by Jackie (new)

Jackie the cover is the same as Chosen(a house of night novel) just edited. odd?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, Jackie.

The base to the cover is a stock image from istockphoto. After countless hours of searching stock, and without reference to Cast's cover (I had previously purchased book one in the series but did not proceed beyond book 1, and the cover you reference is book 3), I selected the base image ( -- hope the link shows in the forum) and did some modifications to personalize it to the story. The publisher (lol - who can afford NOT to use stock!) for HoN series also apparently hired a cover artist who used the same base stock, modified it, etc. While it was unfortunate and looked bad for me, there wasn't any legal (or, I feel, moral, as I hadn't seen HoN3 cover) infringement.

With the release of book 2 in my series, I have redesigned the book 1 cover for cover continuity. And I am staying far away from stock. When I was looking for a book 2, I found stock I liked, but, after the issue with book 1, I went and looked at all the bestsellers in my genre and, lo & behold, the same stock I had just bought for book 2 cover. $20 in the hole but at least I won't have the issue crop up again.

Hope this explains it to your satisfaction. :-D


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