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Ghost ~Unstoppable at Modern Warefare 2!~ | 218 comments Mod

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre saw her friend, Celina, crouched behind the tree that she was lounging in, high up in the branches. she jumped down, a five story jump, from the giant tree, and landed softly beside Celina, not making a sound.
"boo" she said quietly but audibly

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre grinned and crouched low next to Celina.
"so, mi amiga, whatcha doin? don't you have somewhere else to be, or is it your gaurd?" she asked in a whisper, still managing to grin.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre looked at her friend.
"oh. okay... i just heard that people were assigning gaurds lately. i personally think that it isn't thier business, what we do, but i wasn't sure if you were participating. i, for one, am on my own. no organized group for me! but, you know, i haven't seen you in a while." she smiled then, as if hoping to change the subject, feeling uncomfortable.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre followed her, sighing with relief that her friend hadn't changed since she last saw her.
"good. I was starting to worry, so many are starting such things. Anyways..."

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Yzaine walked randomly through the forest.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre saw someone walking close by and readied a knife from her belt, poised in the air to throw.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She looked at Celina and gave a whispered chuckle.
"same a's you." she said quietly before snapping her head silently back in the direction of the movement. She snuck behind the trees, managing to get up one, and jump soundlessly through them until she was directly above the head.
"hello" she whispered upon seeing who it was, hanging upsidown from a lower branch like a bat.

message 9: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar Dark was a few feet away from all this that was going on. She wondered if she should go join the fun or not, so she turned into a wolf, concealed herself and wondered if they saw her.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) "oh, it's just Yzaine." she said, jumping down from the branch and doing a triple tuck flip in midair, landing soundlessly on her toes.
She spotted a wolf nearby and said
"oh, your right, too." the wolf approached them

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Wingstar Dark sighed, theyn had spotted her. She turned into her human form, drawing her sword. "What do you want..." she asked.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre poised a knife in the air, always the one with the hot head.
"nothing. Just a friendly hello is all. Who are you?" she snarled the last part, instantly feeling bad but hiding it well.

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Wingstar "Name's Dark. You?" She grumbled, still ready to attack if worst came to worst.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) "Desdre. pleaseure to meet you" she said sincerely, still holding her knife in case she were to need it.
"you from around here?" she asked, not rudely

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre smiled, moving one cautious eye away from Dark.
"sorry, Cel. Just caught up, ya know?" she asked, hoping that her friend DID know... Boy, would that be embarassing!

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She smiled again, lowering her knife, realizing that there was absolutely no danger.
"Sorry. Celina, this is Dark. Dark, Celina.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She grinned at her friend.

message 18: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar Cissi wrote: ""Desdre. pleaseure to meet you" she said sincerely, still holding her knife in case she were to need it.
"you from around here?" she asked, not rudely"

"Im just a wonderer." She added.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She smiled, sheathing her dagger in the holder on her lower left calf, hiding it with her blah boot.
"I see. And what are you doin here? It's quite dangerous, you know." she said, warning her politely.

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Wingstar "I dont really know, i just heard voices." She answered honestlyl, sliding her sword onto her back.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She nodded knowingly.
"well, your welcome to stay with me for a while, learn the ropes and all. Just, don get yourself killed. Please, I'd have a guilty conscience and I will end up dying myself." she said, starting to explain her life.
"do you want to stick eith me?" she asked after a quick moment of quiet talking.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) "well, kindnof both. You are both okay if you want to stay with me. I need a partner or two, anyways, safer and more fun that way!" she said, head cocked to the side.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She grinned.
"See ya later, Cel!" she called, but then looked around nervously, hoping that no one was near to hurt her.
"Bye!" she whispered to Dark with a fleeting and quick wave of her fingers before running off silently into the thick tree cover.

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Jaidyn Dawn walked through the trees with her dogs hoping to find Jake.

message 25: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar "Sure" Dark laughed, walking away.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre climed stealthily up a tall maple tree, scaling the side with no foot or hand holds. She grinned a's she watched a new person walk up, one clearly a wanderer, not part of the group. Time to have some fun, she thought giddily. It was a boy, too. All the more fun to mess with.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) ((no idea, actually. Just in my mind, I suppose.... unless someone wants to step up, but otherwise, it's no one. :D))

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) ((Sweet! Thank you SOOOO much!))

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Desdre followed silently as he walked through the trees and jumped down, landing soundlessly in front of him.
"Hello, there." She said quietly, knowing that he would hear her.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She looked up for a moment, gesturing towards the tree.
"Up. How are you?" she asked, smiling.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She smiled.
"Sorry. Wanna walk with me?" she asked.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She walked next to him, her side gently touching his.
"So, what have you been up to?" she asked conversationally, her stomach fluttering with butterflies.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She saw him looking behind him and did the same.
"Me, either. I met a new person today, but she doesn't seem to like me all too much. Then again, who really does?" she said dreamily.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She sighed, dissapointed. She supposed he would never like her.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) Her heart skipped a bet, thudding hard and uneven in her chest. She smiled slightly, blushing.
" maybe I like you, too." she muttered quietly.

message 36: by Wingstar (new)

Wingstar Dark watched this where nobody could see her. young love. oh just kiss already!!! she thought, snickering quietly.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She looked up at him, striving to catch his eye

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She stopped suddenly, gasping a's she stared into his breathtakingly beautiful eyes.
"Wow." she whispered, unable to truly speak due to the close proximity.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She leaned in a bit closer, closing the distance between them. She lightly touched her lips to his.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) As Desdre was kissing him, her mind was fuzzy. Her thoughts were incoherent. She deepened the kiss a bit.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She swayed on the spot, grinning.
"No." she breathed, smiling at him.
"Just...... Amazing. That was amazing." she said.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She smiled a's they continued walking, holding hands.

message 43: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn Dawn sat under a tree and saw them approaching.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) They walked along. She thought she saw movement but wrongly dismissed it a's a small animal.

message 45: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn Her dogs ran out and knocked them over. She refused to retrieve them.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She accepted his had just a's the dogs came back, surrounding them and biting at them.
She withdrew her dagger from inside her boot and started to ward the dogs off with it, not wanting to kill them unless they started to threaten their lives.

message 47: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn ((they want to be pet they are NOT hurting you))

Dawn watched in dismay as they threatened Dusty and Star.

message 48: by Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (last edited Nov 06, 2010 02:27PM) (new)

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She smiled a's she realized their friendliness, replace shed dagger in it's sheath, and squated down to their level, petting each of their heads gently and smiling softly at them.
"I'm sorry, guys. So many bad thingsbe too sure. I wont hurt you. Don't worry, I won't hurt you." she spoke to them softly, so a's not to scare them and to comfort them, petting them and scratching behind their ears.

message 49: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn Dawn approached Desdre, not speaking

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) She frowned, still petting the dogs.
"Are these yours?" she asked politely. Upon seeing her face, she realized that they were.
"I'm so sorry, for threatening them, I just can't ever be so sure that they won't eat my face off, you know?" she said sincerely, standing and holding out her hand for the girl to shake.
"Hello, I'm Desdre" she said.

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