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نقطه نظر تبعه پاکستان به مولوی !!! GREAT RUMI BUT ONE BAD HABBIT?

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message 1: by SYED (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:29PM) (new)

SYED I don't know how u all irani people treated molana rumi but one thing which i found in his book was enough to torture me.I read his book which was translated in my national language but he praised 2nd caliph too much and even lanti SYRIAN ruler who did wrong with IMAM HASSAN when i read that things i burned his book ......................./,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......??????????

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f.  | 1028 comments Mod
Never Burn any Book, Read them more
in our history Mongol (Chengiz) people Brun iranian library .
we should hear all speech and select the best ones as we read in holly Quran.
we should learn patience from God if we belive and trust God.
i want to send your comment to your all friends and ask them to judg about it, may be i do it, or may be in future i do or leave it to goodreades.
Rumi is only one real human and writer for all poeple in the world who love him , not more.
thank you
best regard

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Mr syed point of view to Molavi
to: f. moghaddam
subject: re: Never Burn Any Book Read Them More Plz

i don't know wht u r understanding from message but plz my big brother i don't said anything that he wrote anything against our prophet i just write that he wrote the things which are in the praise of 2nd caliph and 2nd caliph was against our prophet now u by yourself estimate if u r shia wht yr beleives are.

i don'; want to say anything more because in translation such a big blunder can't be done otherwise u would be in prison and specially in our country paksitan..

take care and read his those disscusion in which he praise UMER AND MAVIA....

And MAVIA was that person who give abuses to your IMAM ALI from MIMBER..

this is i think enough for a wise person..


My (f.moghaddam) comment for goodreads:

only i can say : the god help all moslems to think more than to talk more
as iranian poet SADI says : answer by silence

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