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message 1: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 20 comments Mod
Have a question about grammar, punctuation, formatting, or some other writers' craft question? This is the place for it. Post up and we'll try to get you an answer. REMEMBER... Some answers may vary, depending on the version of CMoS, MW, or other source book the person is using and by the house styles an author is saddled with.

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth (msbhavens1) | 24 comments Not certain if I should put this here or on events, but a coffee time romance author is doing a free suspense writing class and there is a project management course for "pre-published" authors on the same page. Just thought it might be the kind of thing some might be interested in. Beth

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