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Winter Rose Phantom ((Yo ho ho a pirates life for me♫♪))

*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* | 3 comments Eleesa took one last look before giving her crew thier finally order for the night, before she retreated to the captiain's cabin below deck. As she looked down at the wheel, the memory of father came to her and caused her to sigh, but then her fingers began gripping the wheel tighter anf tighter as she though of how he was vicious murdered and only the though of revenge was enough to loosen her hands and send her to bed.

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Jess climbed aboard the Neverland, gaining whistles and hoots from her barely there clothes.

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Daisy Hablen sighed, a child aboard the ship. She was petite with a round face but prematurely blossomed. He called his men of with a loud and stern shout. They shut up instantly and moved out of the way. He offered the girl his hand.

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Jess smiled and took his hand, "Thank you, but I could've handled them myself" She said looking down like her elders had taught her.

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Daisy "their not as easy to handle as they look. You'll find that out soon enough." he took her into his quarters and tossed her some clothes.

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She saw the clothes and looked up at him, "The only reason I wear these is because they allow me to move easily while fighting," She pointed out.

((She's waering Jeans and the first top in the Photo))

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Daisy ((what historical time period are we in?"

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((No clue. Or she can be wearing Cloth pants that flow when she moves))

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Daisy "your better off with these tighter pants. If you plan on smartassin me you may as well leave."

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She nod's and picks up a pair that suits her and Changes. Undoing her wrap shirt and wrapping it tightly around her chest, leaving her arms, waist, and shoulders bare. "How's that?" She asks him.

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Daisy "good." he said "will keep the boys from raping you. We aren't pulling out just yet, lost a few men and need some more."

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She smiled, "Now, what should my role on your ship be Captain" She asked smiling at her

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Daisy "you start at the bottom and work your way up." Hablen said "deck swab."

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Jess nodded and grabbed a bucket and a mop and went up to swab the deck

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Daisy ((we need more people))

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((I know.))

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Daisy ((:())

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Elisabeth and Will walk onto the Ship,

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