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walks up to a banana .engages in a convo. about its cousin in charlie the unicorn 2.

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((you talk in past-tense third person, hope. EX: Ivy walked into the store. "it's cold in here..." she though.))

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Joshi the werewolf, ninja, chucknorrisan and wereyoshi walked through banananana town. He enjoyed this place. there were pizza delivery guys that looked like barney, and youtube poop instead of news. Except for today. Suddenly, all the screens went blue and said "LCOKDOWNSCROLLCONTROL...F4..." and then he knew. This nonsensical world was coming to an end if someone didn't find it.... the mystical spaghetti pie, said to be held by mama Luigi in the summits of candy mountain... He ran to the town center and sighed up for the quest. "sorry, mister Joshi, but it looks like you'll need a few other people in your party!" A Receptionist Banana with a fake blonde peel and bright pink lipstick said.

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