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message 1: by Winter Rose Phantom (last edited Sep 28, 2010 01:16PM) (new)

Winter Rose Phantom Character Name:
Power(you may have 1 ONLY, And you Don't have to have one either)
Looks:Please post a pic or a link☺ If you want to know how to post pics please look at Elundari's Hotlinking classes
Background Story:
Reason Why you are in the Orphanage:

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Character Name: Sola
Age: 8
Gender: F
Power: None
Personality(s): TBD
Background Story:
Reason Why you are in the Orphanage: because she's on orphan, duh!
Crush: open
Family: none

Winter Rose Phantom No I mean like how did they become an orphan.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 28, 2010 05:23PM) (new)

Character Name: Yumi
Age: 10
Gender: female
Power: none
Personality(s): Shy,kind,loves to be close to her big brother,and is quiet.
Background Story:
Reason Why you are in the Orphanage: When she turned ten her mother started to die and then her father was killed with a car crash. Her big brother took care of her.
Crush: none
Family: Her big brother Kei

Character Name: Kei
Age: 13
Gender: male
Personality(s): Caring, Ferice when someone is hurting his little sister, quiet.
Background Story: same
Reason Why you are in the Orphanage: same as sister
Crush: none
Family: Yumi

Winter Rose Phantom That's that main character from Spiral! whats his name ummmm..........

message 6: by Jacob and James (last edited Oct 08, 2010 06:12AM) (new)

Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 60 comments Name: Jacob
Power: Can control minds
Looks: Kinda short, has glasses, has long curly blond hair and red eyes
Personality: Shy wont talk a lot
RWYATO: Parents and family murdered and twin brother kidnapped
Crush: none
Family: Twin brother named Jamie
Other: None

Winter Rose Phantom Character Name:Stella Marie
Power:Can Control Wind
Looks: [image error]
Personality(s):Smart, Kind, Somewhat stubborn, Gentle
Background Story:She has been in the orphanage for 5 years now and just about knows every inch of this place. Her mother and Father were killed in a brutal Car accident and her God Mther and God Father were Shot and killed. She is an Extrordinary singer and more of a caretaker to the children at the Holy Trinity Orphanage than a fellow orphan. She Misses her family very much as well. she had a younger sister but she died shortly after her premature birth. She was very sad to hear that her sister had died.
Reason Why you are in the Orphanage:Both her Parents and her God Parents have died and she had nowhere else to go
Other: She Is a Very Good singer, She tends to sing in japanese more that she does in english considering she is Half Japanese

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I know but I forgot his name! Researching again.

Winter Rose Phantom Ayumu Narumi-Kun

Winter Rose Phantom I found it☺

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Ziva
Age: Oldest you can be and still live in the Orphanage
Gender: Female
Looks: [image error]
History: Was left there by her fathers Driver.
Personality: Highly distrustful of men
Other: Was sexually abused in her Foster homes

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