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Winter Rose Phantom Character Name:
Age(In Vampire years/Not required if you are a Werewolf):
Real age:
Powers(1 Max, If any):
Looks:Please post a pic or a link☺ If you want to know how to post pics please look at Elundari's Hotlinking classes
Background Story:

Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 246 comments Mod
Character Name: Levis
Age: 398
Real age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Powers(1 Max, If any): can control the darkness/shadows and bend them to his will
Looks: RP - Vampire Character - male Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality(s): Levis is a calm man, usually with great patiance and restraint. He rarely gets into fights with others, yet will if he feels threatened.
Weapons: Two butcher knifes.
Background Story: Levis was born in the 16th century, into England. He was the child of a well off family, his father with a great job and his mother who always cared for his and his father's well being. One night, he was running late from his schooling and attacked by a rouge vampire. Yet he didn't know that the bite mark on his neck would change him for his life. He stopped aging and watched the ones he loved dearest stop ageing. He then set himself and travled the world, facing many hardships that help shape who he was.
Crush: open
Family: none as far as he knows.

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can i make a girl for him

Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 246 comments Mod
Sure, I don't mind

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Character Name: Kayle (Most people call her Kay))
Age: 18
Real age: 18
Gender: female
Species: Human
Powers(1 Max, If any): none yet
Looks: [image error]

Personality(s): emo, very shy, stays away from people because she is scared of everything
Weapons: none
Background Story: she has a very sad and horriable life her father beats her and her mother is dead she has some friends but barley sees them
Crush: Levis
Family: Dad

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Winter Rose Phantom Does she not have a picture?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

she does now

Winter Rose Phantom No i don't see any thing It might just be the computer i'm on though

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oh cause i see my picture

Winter Rose Phantom I cant...

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oh should i chagne it

Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 246 comments Mod
No, i can see it

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Yuka wrote: "oh should i chagne it"

maybe you should put a link?

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OK Lovely want to roleplay now

Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 246 comments Mod
Sure, you want to start or do you want me to?

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you start

Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 246 comments Mod

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Winter Rose Phantom Name: Yuki
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf):
Real Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Looks: [image error]
Wolf form:
Personality: Smart, Calm, cool
Weapon(If any): Claws and fangs and Karate
Background Story:His parents Died in a house fire when he was 11 and he had learned to fend for himself by then.
Other: he's an okay singer, His eyes chenge color between red and black

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Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 60 comments Can I make a chacter that is Yuki's brother?

Winter Rose Phantom Sure.

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does yuki have a crush yet

Winter Rose Phantom no not yet

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do you want me to make one

Winter Rose Phantom you can if you want

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Oooh, I can put Prue in here.

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Name: Prue
Age(In vampire years. Not required if you are a werewolf): Not Required
Real Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Looks: Wolf Form:
Personality: Playful but a Serious Fighter
Weapon(If any): Teeth, Claws, Tae-Kwon-Do, Strong Telekinetic Powers
Crush: Yuki
Other: Her eyes change colors with her moods, Regular Color

Winter Rose Phantom Kewl^^

message 30: by Jacob and James (last edited Oct 11, 2010 04:24PM) (new)

Jacob and James Bitterman (Xuxumanga) | 60 comments So how this for Yuki's younger brother
Name: Amaris
Age: 7
Species: Werewolf
Human looks: Long silver hair, eye color changes constantly
Werewolf looks: Silver wolf and blood read eyes
Personality: A little shy and he likes to stay near his brother
Weapon: Very smart, a good fighter
Crush: None
Other: Has a phobia of male vampires

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