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Winter Rose Phantom Character Name:
Powers(2 Max, If any):
Looks:Please post a pic or a link☺ If you want to know how to post pics please look at Elundari's Hotlinking classes
Background Story:

Winter Rose Phantom Character Name:Elundari(Elle) James
Powers(2 Max, If any):Can control Wind and Water/Ice
Personality(s):Smart, Kind, Gentle, A little stubborn, caring
Background Story:Her mother and father dumped her off here at a very young age never to return. She has lived at the school since the age of 6(Kindergarden)
Crush:Open Wide.....
Family:Mother and Father, Though no one knows where they are they supposedly Committed suicide
Other: She is a VERY good singer

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Character Name: Hiroki
Age: 16
Gender: male
Powers(2 Max, If any): can read minds
Looks: anime boy Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality(s): He is gentle,sweet,quiet,but he never shows it but his twin.
Background Story: He never knew his father but his mother wanted Hiroki to follow his father's footsteps
Crush: none yet...
Family: Mother and twin sister, sweet but is living alone
Other: He plays the violin.

Character Name: Hiroko
Gender: female
Powers(2 Max, If any): Can control objects with mind
Personality(s): Smart,caring,quiet,shy, rarely talks, usually her twins talks more than her but she smiles.
Background Story: Mother and brother but their mother wants Hiroko to follow her, the mother, footsteps.
Crush: none
Family: twin brother and mother
Other: She is VERY good with music such as writing music and plays piano,flute,and trumpet.

Note: their second power connects the twins that means they can communicate with each other by mind.

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his eyes are blue

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Character Name: Kelaysa
Age: 15
Gender: F
Powers: Invisibility
Looks: long ink black hair and wide, distrusting brown eyes. very very thin and small.
Personality: painfully shy
Background Story: A child in an abusive home. She was tortured in many different ways. More info as rp goes on.
Crush: open
Family: mom and dad
Other: has a huge fear of being touched.

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