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Britt☮ (genki_bee) The deal-i-o:

Even though my to-read list is continually expanding, I'll often finish a book and then find myself stumped as to what to read next. I browsed around on Goodreads and came across the Seasonal Reading Challenge group. I loved the idea, but assigning point values to each challenge and making it a competition was a little too intense for me, so I decided to do it my own way. I wrote up some challenges, dropped them into a bag, and have been picking one randomly each month. I've decided to make a list here here instead of trying to keep track of all those little scraps of paper.

Challenges can be pretty much anything, and I'm always looking for new ideas so if you have any, please feel free to share!

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) June 2010

The challenge: A Lady

What it means: Read a book by Jane Austen.

Why I added it: I've got all her books on my Kindle, so I was planning on reading them all sometime!

The contenders: I'd already read Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey, so it was between Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Emma, or Lady Susan.

My choice: Emma. It seemed like the most lighthearted option, and it's my Jane-Austen-fanatic-best-friend's second favorite after Pride and Prejudice.

Thoughts: 4/5 stars. I loved the drama and the ridiculousness and how Emma completely though unintentionally screwed over everyone.

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) July 2010

The challenge: Unfinished Business

What it means: Read a book from my Unfinished or Abandoned shelf.

Why I added it: To get closure on a book I started but never finished.

The contenders: Anything from my Unfinished shelf (books I just never got around to finishing). I didn't think I could handle something from my Abandoned shelf (books I hated so much I put them down with the intent to leave them far behind).

My choice: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It just so happened that my friend had a copy of it to give me, as he was moving out of the country and didn't want to pack up all his books.

Thoughts: 3/5 stars. Not as depressing as I thought it was going to be, but one of the "good guys" annoyed me more than the actual murderer did.

message 4: by Jennifer W (new)

Jennifer W | 2175 comments Neat idea, Britt. I love perusing the Seasonal Reading Challenge tasks, but you're right, far too many and intense for me. I look forward to seeing some of your other tasks. :)

message 5: by Britt☮ (new)

Britt☮ (genki_bee) Thanks Jennifer! My dad really liked the idea and asked me to pick one for him, and I (randomly, I swear!) drew "romance" ... then he suggested (as revenge, I'm sure) that I add "sports book" to my list of challenges, haha.

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) August 2010

The challenge: Here's Johnny

What it means: Read a book by Stephen King.

Why I added it: He's one of the greats! I've read The Shining, but I can't go through life having only read one Stephen King novel!

The contenders: Carrie, The Dead Zone, and UR are the three I'd been wanting to read the most.

My choice: UR. I'd already bought it a while back, and the concept of an English professor in possession of a haunted pink Kindle was just too amusing to pass up.

Thoughts: 4/5 stars. King seamlessly blended humor with the creepiness of an alternate reality. I devoured this novella on a train ride from Hualien to Taipei with my boyfriend reading over my shoulder the whole time :)

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) September 2010

The challenge: The Joker

What it means: Read a book that is a parody of another book.

Why I added it: It's a genre I appreciate in other art forms (movies — Scary Movie, music — Weird Al) but haven't explored in books.

The contenders: The Princess Bride, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Barry Trotter, Nightlight, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. But Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter seems more like alternate history, and Princess Bride is a parody of the romance/adventure genre. That narrows it down to the specific book parodies.

My choice: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. If I'm being honest with myself, I love Harry Potter too much to find fault against it, and I hate Twilight so much that I'd love anything against it. I liked Pride and Prejudice but would still be able to appreciate a parody of it.

Thoughts: 5/5 stars! This book was just awesome! I was afraid the zombie gag would get old, but I guess I'm just easily amused because I found it hilarious every time.

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) I already chose my book for October, but I think I'm going to put the Book Bonanza on hold for the next couple of months so I can read Gone With the Wind with the group. So far, not impressed. But keeping up with the discussion is the only incentive I have to keep reading it, so I don't want to fall behind.

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Britt☮ (genki_bee) December 2010

The challenge: 1987

What it means: Read a book published the year I was born.

Why I added it: It was my boyfriend's suggestion.

The contenders: I knew immediately that I would choose Norwegian Wood for this challenge. My friend had been bugging me to read it for a while, so I promised her I would, and it just so happens that it fit the challenge.

My choice: Norwegian Wood.

Thoughts: 4/5 stars. I really liked it, except that pretty much every woman in the book throws herself at the main male character. I didn't love the ending either, but I thought the translation was well done. I'm curious to read more by Murakami, even though NW is apparently not representative of his other work.

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