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message 1: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 20 comments Mod
Make yourself at home. Please, start topics. Ask questions. Tell us about yourself and your books.

message 2: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 2 comments What does SCA stand for, please? I know that I shall feel an absolute idiot when I read the blindingly obvious answer.... Nevertheless, do tell me what I've joined.


message 3: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 2 comments Moreover, who is Ravenspittle?

message 4: by Beth (last edited Sep 27, 2010 08:11PM) (new)

Beth (msbhavens1) | 24 comments The Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation society that spawned such cool authors as Marion Zimmer Bradley, Brenna Lyons, Atar Baker, Dayle Dermatis(though I am pretty sure she writes under a different name, just don't recall at the moment), Susan Fox, Larry Niven, and yes you may note they dont all write in the same Genre, Most of what I've published is Poetry, much of that SCA related. :)

its really rather a long List, I'm not certain Robert Heinlein was an actual member, but he actually includes a mention of the SCA in one of his books. Though I'll be a bit surprised if some of our deceased members start joining up! :)

A few of us started chatting about the possibility of starting an SCA author con, and then thought maybe we should start with some authors groups first, see what we might have to work with, especially since groups all by themselves can be great ways for authors to network. :) Beth

ps, the only book I have out there in public can be found on goodreads, its Toads Pond by Beth Havens, though really I'm hoping we'll get totally unpublished as well as the published to join, the idea is to mix and match and inspire and network, etc. Thanks for doing the legwork Brenna, you're the best!

message 5: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 20 comments Mod
Ravenspittle is a joke that Pennsic War attendees will understand. They are a pirate group...of a more literal sort. They have a model ship they set up on site, and they play the personas of 17th Century or so pirates. Grinning... That is the only sort of pirate that is welcomed with open arms here.


message 6: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 20 comments Mod
Oh, I did add what SCA is to the group description now.

message 7: by Susanne (new)

Susanne | 1 comments Very cool! Thanks for the invite. I had a chance to join SCA when I lived in NY but never followed through, so I'm glad to be a part now.

message 8: by Jude (new)

Jude Mason Hello everyone,

Brenna, I had to do a search to find out what SCA stood for, and managed it about the same time as you posted the explanation to the group description. Nice timing!

Honestly, I'd never heard of SCA, but some names mentioned rang big bells. Anyhoo, I'm here and will try to keep up. Thanks so much for the invitation.


message 9: by Dayle (new)

Dayle (dayledermatis) | 1 comments Hello all! For those who know me, in the SCA I'm Barwnes Rhieinwen Cyfarwydd from Caid.

I've sold two novels and approximately 100 short stories in fantasy/SF, erotica, romance, and media tie-in, and work full time as a writer and editor. (Anybody need a good copy editor? :-) )

If you're interested, my website is (yes, a good Welsh word!).

I also have a Facebook author page:

Cheers, Dayle

message 10: by Beth (new)

Beth (msbhavens1) | 24 comments so glad to see you on board! :) Beth

message 11: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 20 comments Mod
I highly suggest that each author start a thread to introduce himself/herself, give links, etc.


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