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message 1: by Soma (new)

Soma Helmi (somahelmi) | 14 comments hey all. I've just dropped the price of my ebook to $2.99 This was done after some consideration, chats with Kindle board members and reading of blogs. Apparently $2.99 is being considered the optimal ebook price. What do you think?

Here's a link to the book: Sammi Ever After by Soma Helmi - Once Upon a Bunch of Islands...

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Daniels (mrpld) | 16 comments Hey there Soma,

It's a tough call isn't it. We've also had to shave ours right down as well to pick up traction. I hope that you see some movements at the new price mark. What was the price before?


message 3: by Soma (new)

Soma Helmi (somahelmi) | 14 comments Hi Paul,

well it was the price i was initially going to go with but for some reason i decided against it. I think i read a misleading article that said if i priced too low, i'd be selling myself short (something about not looking like I had confidence in my book) which i realize is rubbish. I'm quite proud of my book. Now, I'd just like it to reach as many people as possible.

it was 3.50 before.

ps sorry, hardly any caps. Im too tired to reach for shift button. lol

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Daniels (mrpld) | 16 comments Soma,

Must be a huge keyboard to not reach the shift, or you're typing one handed :p

I think $3.50 is a fair price but I fear because of the lack of the classic .99 ending it makes people blink.

I understand also the whole "don't sell yourself short" concept, it's important not to - however at the moment there's been a huge race to the bottom for eBooks and the $2.99 level is where everyone seems to have settled in part I believe because Amazon set that as their lower limit for the 30/70 royalty split.

If you drop below $2.99, then I think you'll certainly get the 'selling yourself short' treatment given the current perceptions.

I forgot to ask before, how many words were in your book? I've noticed that listing the word-count might be more productive in encouraging some people to spend a bit more?

Best of luck, I'll be interested to see how your sales go over the next month... likewise our own :)


message 5: by Soma (new)

Soma Helmi (somahelmi) | 14 comments Paul,

I feel better about it already. I don't know if it will mean sales but after hearing all the right arguments, I'm sure I made the right decision. I actually didn't know that it was their lower limit for the 30/70 split. I don't remember seeing that on the site. Huh. Well there's another bonus I guess.

My book is 69,600 words. Where would I list the word count?

When I'm tired, my fingers become infinitely shorter and less agile. hehe. But it's morning now so I have no excuse! haha


message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Daniels (mrpld) | 16 comments I'm not sure you can so much on places like Amazon, but certainly anywhere else where you advertise the book and you have the opportunity it might be worth putting it in place of the page-count (which is slightly less relevant as an eBook).

We left ours at $3.99 but it's a 120,000 word book.

Good to hear your fingers are back to full operating status :)

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul Daniels (mrpld) | 16 comments Soma,

Any changes on the sales?


message 8: by Soma (new)

Soma Helmi (somahelmi) | 14 comments Hiya Paul,

not that significant. but then I have been quite slack with the promotion these last couple of weeks. Busy shooting some commercials. Once that's done will get back onto it!


message 9: by Paul (new)

Paul Daniels (mrpld) | 16 comments Best of luck with it. Things have been moderately quiet here as well but at least I hope I've been laying the groundwork for future growth.


message 10: by Soma (new)

Soma Helmi (somahelmi) | 14 comments Thank, you too. I'm not too fussed with sales figures at the moment. As you say it's groundwork. More interested in getting the word out as I have plans beyond just a book for the novel. As you know I'm a film maker so I'm interested in getting feedback on the story more than anything.

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