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40k (40kbooks) | 89 comments Mod
Some of 40k authors are joining the conversation in the 40k Book Club:

Peter Ludlow Thierry Crouzet Dario Tonani Giovanni De Matteo Rhys Hughes Jamie Todd Rubin Giovanni Boccia Artieri Paul Di Filippo Bruce Sterling

message 2: by Jeannie (new)

Jeannie Walker (JeannieWalker) | 1 comments Thank you for the invitation for join this fine group. I am a new author. I wrote a true crime story about the unthinkable and horrific poisoning murder of my ex-husband, a Texas millionaire and father of my children. "Fighting the Devil" is a Finalist in the Book of the Year Awards hosted by ForeWord Reviews.
Thanks again.
Jeannie Walker
My website is: http://jeanniewalkerbooks.com
Fighting the Devil

message 3: by Giuseppe (new)

Giuseppe (ggranieri) | 4 comments Mod
Nice to meet you, Jeannie :)

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex Laybourne (AlexLaybourne) | 1 comments nice to meet you. I am sorry to hear about your husband and feel bad that I want to read your story. (I hope you understand what I mean)Alex Laybourne

message 5: by K.C. (new)

K.C. | 1 comments Thanks for the invite. I am the author of Bad Girl Gone Mom. I just had an interview published on the Lit Chick show http://www.litchickshow.com/2011/04/l... that explains why I wrote this book.

Bad Girl Gone Mom

If you know someone who is struggling with their sexuality or has had major surgery due to birth defects, I believe they will definitely appreciate this story.

message 6: by Kc (new)

Kc Stone (Uniqwriter) | 1 comments Hi everyone,
I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself.
KC Stone... first time author of "Replaced By a Stranger". Yea me.
I am really taking on the big girl role of getting out there, making friends, promoting, helping other authors, doing reviews... more stuff... and more stuff. So I can't wait to get to know everyone.
You can always visit me too.
Thanks and talk soon,

KC Stone

message 7: by Marita (new)

Marita Hansen (MaritaAHansen) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite. I'm also a new author. My first book is called Behind the Hood It's urban fiction set in South Auckland. It shows a side of New Zealand that is rarely seen outside the country.

message 8: by Jake (new)

Jake Bannerman | 1 comments Wow! Thanks for the invite.
I have just released The Pitchfork Diaries Vol.1
Extreme horror flash horror. Christmas day I am releasing the first book in The Family of Dog series: The Harvest
You can find me on numerous websites
Get Fanged,Anything Horror,FearDex etc..
Thanks for including me.
Blessed are the sick

message 9: by Tarek (new)

Tarek Refaat | 1 comments Thank you for the invitation to join this fine group. I am a new author. I am a first time published author, from Egypt, I released my first book "Ruptured" which is the fictional story of a what rape victim has to endure a year and half later when she tries to put back together the pieces of her life.

Ruptured is available in hard copy and soft copy!

it can be found as follows:
Hard copies are mainly in Egypt:

Soft copies:
PDF www.lulu.com :

Epub www.lulu.com:

Kindle www.amazon.com :


Thanks again for the invitation!

message 10: by Judy (last edited Oct 02, 2011 04:57AM) (new)

Judy Croome (JudyCroome) I'm also here to say thanks for the invite to join the book club and to introduce myself. Like Tarek, I live in Africa, but on the far away southern tip: Johannesburg South Africa, to be exact.

You can read about my novel Dancing in the Shadows of Love here or read about me here

Looking forward to the chats!
Judy, South Africa

message 11: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Toner (JJToner) Thanks for inviting me to join.

So far, I have (a single and) 2 full books out there: Ovolution and Other Stories, 10 short fun-SF stories and an Irish crime thriller St Patrick's Day Special, featuring DI Ben Jordan of Dublin's Organised Crime Unit.

I read and review other indie authors' work as time permits.


message 12: by M. (last edited Oct 02, 2011 01:46PM) (new)

M. J. Stoddard (Micah_JStoddard) | 2 comments Thanks for the invitation, I am M. J. Stoddard, recently published author of sci-fi/fantasy thriller "The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye", that was released back in April 2011 and live in the USA. It's about a mercenary pilot who becomes an unwitting pawn in a major conspiracy at the hands of his former commanding officer, who is obsessed with finding an ancient artifact that harbors tremendous magical powers that would tip that balance of power in the galaxy and eventually the entire universe.
The Twilight Legacies
This book comes in paperback, as well as e-book and EPUB formats.

M.J. Stoddard

message 13: by Ute (new)

Ute Carbone (widldwords) Thanks for the invite! My first novel, Blueberry Truth was published in August. I'm always looking to connect with other writers, especially those who write women's or literary fiction.


message 14: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Black (sentientsword) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite. I am author of the heroic fantasy novel Chronicles of The Sentient Sword Vol. 1 Reviews available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is my first.

message 15: by Vicki (new)

Vicki King (vickiaking) | 2 comments Hi Everyone - Nice to meet you! I'm Vicki A. King. My first novel, Kingdom of the Green Glass Straw, was published in May of 2011. I would describe it as a heart-warming family friendly fantasy.

I look forward to following each of you on this site.

message 16: by Janet (last edited Oct 03, 2011 07:07PM) (new)

Janet | 2 comments Hello to all. Thank you so much for inviting me to join. I am honored to be in such esteemed company.

My name is Janet Bettag and I'm from the midwest United States near St. Louis, Missouri.

My first book, "Normal Is So Overrated," is a narrative non-fiction that tells the story of my survival and recovery from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. It should be released in ebook before the end of this year.

I also have a novel in the works that I hope to have ready for publication in the spring of 2012.

It's so great to have this opportunity to get to know all of you better. I look forward to exchanging ideas!

message 17: by Russ (new)

Russ Crossley | 2 comments Thanks for the invitation. I'm honored.

I'm a freelance writer and independent publisher. My work has appeared in anthologies from St Martins, Pocket Books, and from my company, 53rd Street Publishing. I have 2 novels published by Sapphire Blue Publishing, and soon a 3rd I co-wrote with my wife.

My company has thus far published one novel, 50 short stories and several anthologies. We have 3 novels in the pipe right now being edited which we expect will be out by the end of the year.

Check my work at Smashwords and Amazon to see a complete listing of titles.

message 18: by Jonny (new)

Jonny Gibbings (JonnyGibbings) | 2 comments Thanks also. New author here too, by Cutting Edge Press:

Very rude, dark and funny. Not for the easily offended. Just about to start the second book 'Cocksickle'. The about me stuff is on the blog:

Mind you... the blog can be offensive too, so maybe stick to the about bit :)

message 19: by Alan (new)

Alan McDermott (Jambalian) Hi everyone, and thanks for letting me join this great group!

Like many others here I am a new author, having published my debut thriller Gray Justice in July this year.

It's the story of how one man takes on the British government when the judicial system lets his son's killer walk free from court.

Reviews have all been positive so far, which gives me the encouragement to keep banging away at the second in the series.


message 20: by Jan (new)

Jan Hurst-Nicholson (JanHurst-Nicholson) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite to join this group. I also live in South Africa (Durban) and most of my books are set in this lovely sunny city.
The Breadwinners family saga.
But Can You Drink The Water?humorous fiction.
Something to Read on the Planehumour (mostly).
Mystery at Ocean DriveTeen action adventure.
Leon Chameleon P.I. and the Case of the Missing Canary Eggs children's animal adventure/humour.
Leon Chameleon P.I. and the case of the kidnapped mouse children's animal adventure/humour.

I look forward to joining in the discussions.

message 21: by Katheryn (new)

Katheryn Lane (KatherynLane) | 2 comments Hi All,

Thank you so much for asking me to join. Earlier this year I published The Royal Sheikh, a contemporary romance set in London and the Middle East, available from Amazon and Smashwords:
I also have a blog where I talk about writing, books and whatever I'm up to at the moment. It's at:
Looking forward to future posting here

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