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message 1: by Danya (new)

Danya Bakhbakhi (aynad94) | 32 comments it keeps saying there are 29 books when there are 36 (talking about the ones listed under 2010 of course) and i think it got the pages numbers wrong too :S

message 2: by Ken-ichi (new)

Ken-ichi | 11 comments What page are you talking about? Please try to include the URL of what you're talking about when you report problems, otherwise it's hard to know what's wrong, let alone how to help.

message 3: by Danya (new)

Danya Bakhbakhi (aynad94) | 32 comments

can you see this link? on everyone's "my books" there's "stats" in the left sidebar. i don't think mine is getting the numbers right. which is quite weird.

message 4: by Ken-ichi (new)

Ken-ichi | 11 comments Cool, thanks. I'm guessing the numbers look wrong because of caching: we only generate the numbers for review/stats once a day, so if you looked at it, added some books, and went back, the numbers wouldn't have changed. Also keep in mind those numbers are based on the "date read" field on the review form, so if you haven't set that, the books won't show up there. If page numbers are wrong, then we just have bad metadata. You can help us fix that by becoming a librarian.

message 5: by Danya (new)

Danya Bakhbakhi (aynad94) | 32 comments I checked again today and the number is still the same, although you can count more visible books below. and how do you i exactly help fix it? thanks a lot!

message 6: by Kaion (new)

Kaion (kaionvin) Can't see anything; your profile is private, Danya.

message 7: by Cait (new)

Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments If there are books with the wrong page number, we'll need to correct that one by one: can you link to the specific editions you read and give the correct page numbers for each one? (This is the only thing a librarian can change about those stats.)

message 8: by Ken-ichi (new)

Ken-ichi | 11 comments If the number you're talking about is the number of books read in a year, then it looks right to me. If it's the number of pages, then the metadata might be wrong, and you should follow Cait's advise and list the URLs of the books that you think have the wrong page counts.

message 9: by Danya (new)

Danya Bakhbakhi (aynad94) | 32 comments i dunno what was it, the numbers were all wrong but when i checked back today they were sorted out.. with the new updates showing up. sorry for wasting your time guys and thanks!

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