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Michael Karpovage (michaelkarpovage) Crown of Serpents

"...a suspenseful mystery and high-fueled adventure all wrapped in one!"
- William P. Robertson, "Bucktail" novelist

"Indiana Jones meets the Godfather!...One of the best novels I have ever read!...Someone in Hollywood ought to snatch this up pronto!"
- Paulette Likoudis, Finger Lakes Times columnist

With the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians, the U.S. Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents. Jake Tununda, combat vet, Freemason, and half-Seneca Indian is stunned when he gleans from the journal's cryptic Masonic passages clues to the location of an ancient shaman's crown once protected by the White Deer Society, a secret cult of his forefathers.

Jake soon realizes why his ancestors' history was best kept buried. And why peaceful, rural central New York's Finger Lakes region can be deadlier than any battlefield he had ever faced.

Crown of Serpents, a mystery thriller set in the former heartland of the Iroquois Empire, takes Jake on a fast-paced hunt to find the elusive crown ­ and protect it. He teams up with Rae Hart, an alluring state police investigator, as they snake their way across a politically turbulent landscape marked with murder, arson, lies, and deceit. Deciphering codes, digging up war loot, and fending off the henchmen of billionaire Alex Nero, a ruthless Indian casino magnate, Jake and Rae's survival skills are put to the test. The clues to the crown ultimately lead them deep within sacred Indian caves hidden under the abandoned Seneca Army Depot where the magnitude of the crown's power is revealed.

Check it out at Crown of Serpents

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Michael Karpovage (michaelkarpovage) Chapters 1-3 (first 36 pages) are now available as a FREE PDF on

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