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Heat: Movie Review & Your Thoughts?

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Sarah | 8 comments In anticipation for "The Dark Knight" I finally decided to rent Michael Mann's 1995 film, Heat. The reasoning behind this was mainly due to director Chris Nolan's comment that the recent addition to the Batman family, The Dark Knight, was modelled after Mann's film. The steel blue color layout of the film, the subtle, haunting score that gains momentum as the action picks up. And more importantly, the clear, concise comparison of the good versus evil ethics existing within a city, each offering different sides and stories to both spectrums.

I absolutely loved Heat. I was too young upon its initial release to check it out, but last weekend, I was glued to the television screen. The constant cat and mouse battle between De Niro and Pacino (Deniro plays a notorious, slick thief, while Pacino plays a gritty, hard as nails cop) was not only effective but 100% engaging as a viewer to watch play out. I wasn't rooting for either, but encouraging both, to do what they felt was necessary. I grew to understand and appreciate both their motives, just as they grew to respect each other: both as a cop, and the thief trying to do his job, whether that be above the law or not.

The supporting roles were fantastic as well. Val Kilmer played the sometimes dense, but ruthless assassin/thief to a Perfect T, and I loved, LOVED, the action sequence (The Bank Job). It was 10 minutes of pure, pulsating adrenaline that adds to the film on an epic scale.

So, if you find yourself enjoying The Dark Knight next week (which I hope everyone does!) You might want to check out Heat, or watch it again, and try to pick out what Nolan picked out as his inspiration for the art design and general feel of The Dark Knight. Heat is definitely a worthy film to use as a inspiration.

Four Stars.

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I feel like I've seen this movie. I think my favorite Micheal Mann film is Last of the Mohicans ;)

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