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god of small things?

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Zack Parris So i'm only like a tenth (60pgs) of the way into the book, and other than being a novel set around India, this doesnt seem to have much to do with God of Small Things. Where gst is, i would say, very postmodern and artistic, this is more of a very straight and linear narrative with very little artistic license taken.

i mean seriously, that comparison is light saying that Toss of a Lemon is like the Ground Beneath Her Feet, only gbhf is written by a man so it might discount that somewhat.

anyway you get my gist...

does anyone else feel that way?


Tiffany I'm a little more than halfway through Toss of a Lemon and, while I agree that the subject matter could be loosely compared to GST, the writing style is completely different. Personally, I couldn't get through GST, and I'm thoroughly enjoying Toss of a Lemon. The characters are better developed, and I'm finding I'm learning a lot more about India at that time, as well as the caste system (in a way that's still beautifully subtle). Or, I'm more interested in learning about them through Toss, because the writing is simply better.

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Pat Why would this novel have to be similar ("doesn't have much to do with ...") to "God of Small Things" just because they are both written by Indian women? Would you ask that if it was two books written by disparate Western men? Your question utterly baffles me...

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