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Don't worry these hopefully wont kill you :D

* I DO NOT want any perfect characters! At all. It's the most annoying thing when you see people making characters with "long blonde hair and electric blue eyes with perfect skin" I mean come on,you might as well be making Paris Hilton.

*I do allow cussing, but don't cuss in every word you say,it gets obnoxious.

*Be descriptive people and creative! I can't tell you how many groups I've been in that just die because of all the one-liner post. One liners get you no where,you think people would've figured that out by now.

*Try to use good grammar and spelling so people can understand what your saying. I don't want you to speak like your from Queen Elizabeth's time (unless we're doing that kind of roleplay) but I also don't want you to talk like you have no idea how to use a keyboard.

*No fighting or drama please,I'll take care of it. I hate when people act all fake and I know you do too but just try and let it slide and let me take care of it, all it takes is me deleting them. Easy-Peasy.

*Another thing, don't take over people's characters,no one likes to be controlled and told what to do so don't do it here. I think you guys are pretty capable of that

*I will allow some sexual content but there are barriers. I don't want you to get too visual,we don't need people puking and no one wants to see that. So just take it down a notch for the sexual stuff.

*Pleasee be ACTIVE! I understand if your on a trip or something but please inform us of that. I hate it when good groups die.

Well...that's pretty much it,I'll probably add more stuff if I remember (which is unlikely :b)

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Lindsay wrote: "What did you mean about the being fake thing in rule #5?"

You know,when people act like their better than everyone else and they just don't act real or anything,their so materialistic. Ya know?

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Yea,it just really annoys me. There was this one girl in a group I was in who wanted to be the main character in the roleplay and the blonde popular girl and she acted so spoiled and fake and I just wanted to literally kick her ass haha

*Mrs. Brightside* Haha, that sucks you couldn't XD

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Most certainly does haha,me and her got into a fight and everything so I guess it was a verbal smackdown haha

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Can we make an rp? Please? I seriously want to rp, but no one ie really on.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Ανδ the fallen angel wrote: "Can we make an rp? Please? I seriously want to rp, but no one ie really on."

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Lindsay wrote: "I do it on a day to day basis:)"

Amen to that haha and Avo surez hold on

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Julia Horan Same! Oh, and I agree with all the rules.

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Yeah,Seems fair

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Annabelle (mrs-varen-nethers) I agree with the rule too. Love the first one! (:

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yeah,I hate when ppl make perfect characters..When are the rps gonna be open?

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