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Indian Books or Books by Indian authors read in 2010

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Here you can review some of the Indian books or books by Indian authors you have read in 2010.

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"Time Stops at Shamli" by Ruskin Bond
Just finished reading "Time Stops at Shamli" a collection of short stories by Ruskin Bond, a reader comparable only to RK Narayan. Beautiful stories about hill town people and their lives, Bond writes with empathy about animals. All the stories are good, but the undoubted best was "Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright"

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"A Better India, A Better World" by Narayana Murthy

Just finished reading an excellent book called "A Better India, a Better World" by Narayana Murthy, mentor at Infosys. This is a collection of his speeches, but the narrative is fine and Mr. Murthy is a fine thinker with a lot of innovative thoughts and ideas for improving India. A wonderful book to read, highly recommended. Why not Narayana Murthy as PM of India for 10 years. It would be a great idea.

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Long Distance Race" by Tom Alter is a disappointing book - a nothing kind of book with very weak plot - neither does it enthral with running exploits (since i am a long distance runner i thought this would be a motivating book) nor with the twist into a love plot which it veers into quite meaninglessly.

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"Nectar in a Sieve" by Kamala Markandeya

Just finished reading "Nectar in a Sieve' by Kamala Markandaya, a seminal work in Indian Literature. Set in a village, this books takes you through an entire gamut of human emotions through the lives of the characters - hunger, loss of lives, loss of land, loss of dignity, poverty etc. Through all the ups and downs there is one factor that stands out prominently in the book - that of undying human spirit and hope for the better. With a brilliant narrative that marks her first book this is an outstanding work and Kamala Markandaya is on par with the greats of Indian literature - RK Narayan, Premchand, Rabindranath Tagore, Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. Highly recommended reading.

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"Sun after Dark" by Pico iyer

After reading "Falling off the Map" by the same author, was expecting much from this book "Sun after Dark" a bit disappointed with his narrative - he does go to places where normal travel writers do not prefer, places like Dharamsala, Bolivia, Tibet, Angkor-Wat etc. but a let down compared to his earlier work.

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"A Breath of Fresh Air" by Amulya Malladi

Had heard a lot about the promising new writer Amulya Malladi, but her "A Breath of Fresh Air", the story takes its plot from the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The narrative drags at times and overall impact is insipid.

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"Two States" by Chetan Bhagat

A rip-roaringly hilarious book by Chetan Bhagat "Two States" is the story of his marriage. Chetan is at his brilliant best. There were times when i was laughing aloud. I hope he is able to wangle a better deal from the Bollywood moghuls than what he got for his earlier effort. Highly recommended.

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"Don't Lose your Mind, Lose your Weight' by Rujuta Diwekar

Heard about this revolutionary book by Rujuta Diwekar where she recommends people to have more food and yet lose weight. Quite interesting to read, but in the end analysis, decided that dieting or her method of dieting will not work for me, because i do not have any control over my food source. Her recommended way of dieting, requires that i plan and meticulously plan for at least two to three days what i will have and in what quantity six to seven times a day and keep it all ready either in the morning or afternoon. Who will do that for me, not the wife, who will say - get lost, i have better things to do, find out some other way to lose weight. Good to read, though

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Hriday (geezerb) | 5 comments read two states! never thought chetan bhagat could write so humorously!

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