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message 1: by Sharissa (new)

Sharissa Spangler | 33 comments Today in my Regional Studies class we had a speaker on this subject. I though we could discuss (not debate) this a little bit because I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks it wrong. Plus, I wanted to raise awareness about it. It's absolutely disgusting!

*Mrs. Brightside* Lol. It is...But if the girls/guys want to-they want to.

message 3: by Sharissa (new)

Sharissa Spangler | 33 comments Nobody wants to be trafficked!!!! That's why it's called Human Trafficking!!!! They are forced into prostitution!!!! There's nothing funny about it!

*Mrs. Brightside* ..?? I was talking about you saying it's disgusting...

message 5: by Sharissa (new)

Sharissa Spangler | 33 comments What do you mean if they want to? You mean if we want to discuss it?

*Mrs. Brightside* The people..oh, that definitely didn't come out right too! Did you see the movie called Human Traffic..something like that?

message 7: by Sharissa (new)

Sharissa Spangler | 33 comments No, I haven't. What's it about?

(and still, no one wants to be trafficked.)

message 8: by *Mrs. Brightside* (last edited Sep 24, 2010 06:44PM) (new)

*Mrs. Brightside* ..You didn't have to put that in's about Human Traffic of course! A girl killed herself because she didn't want to do it, and ran away from the guy. Jumped out the building): some girls think they have a chance at modeling I think, but it was a trick! It was actually human trafficking. It was soooo awkward 80 but the girls did drugs and stuff to I guess forget about it. Or try to. I kind of liked the movie..

message 9: by Sharissa (new)

Sharissa Spangler | 33 comments Yeah, they modeling is just one of the tricks that traffickers use to lure in girls...and boys. Sometimes they also just snatch them up off the street.

*Mrs. Brightside* Mmhhmmmm..Sucks.

message 11: by Breezy (new)

Breezy | 62 comments Human trafficking is just another word for slavery. And it isn't just the sex trade. People are still being bought and sold like cattle as slaves. Before there was much awareness about the Darfur region in the Sudan, there was the massacre and enslavement of the Dinka people in southern Sudan. When I was in high school (many many moons ago), I volunteered for a group called Christian Solidarity International which fought to end the slavery that ran so rampant in Sudan. The northern Sudanese (usually Muslim members of Taliban) would go down to Southern Sudan to the region of the Dinka people. They would purposely murder the men in front of their families, and march the women and children up to the north to buy and sell as slaves. CSI (christian solidarity international) not only worked with bureaucrats trying to get the UN involved in stopping this horror, but they actively worked with slave traders to help free those who'd already been captured. If they could intercept the traders before they'd gotten to the north, they could pay them their "fee" and liberate the slaves they were holding captive. Admittedly not the ideal way of liberating slaves, but they were liberated nonetheless.

Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 684 comments What is human trafficking?

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 200 comments Selling people. It is often associated with the sex trade and forced prostitution, but like Breezy said, that is only part of it. It's the word for modern-day slavery.

Breezy, that's a wonderful thing that that group is doing. I wish that those sort of activities were more publicized. People (myself included, I'm very sorry to say) might be less judgmental of those who take the Bible literally if actions like these were more well-known.

Chiara  ♪*CheesecakeLover*♪ | 684 comments Yup- I know that now.

*Mrs. Brightside* Mhhmmm!

message 18: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Has anyone seen the movie "Taken"?

message 19: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 349 comments I have. It was very good.

message 20: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Yeah, it was. I think it touches on a vital part of this situation.

message 21: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 349 comments Very. Too bad every situation can't end like the movie.

message 22: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Exactly.

message 23: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 349 comments Has anyone read The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam?
It's the true story of the author. She was sold to a brothel when she was 12.
It's such a sad story, but she survived and escaped. Today she's helping thousands of other women and children escape too.

*Mrs. Brightside* I haven't read that. But it does sound sad. I love the movie Taken, though. Has anyone saw the movie Human Traffic? Ha. It's all in the title about what it's about.

message 25: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 349 comments I don't think I have. Who's in it?

message 26: by Christina (new)

Christina | 91 comments Is this kinda what InvisibleChildren is about too? There was a presentation at my school a few years ago about it. Child soldiers in Uganda(? somewhere in Africa,) who are kidnapped from their homes and forced to kill and kidnap other children. It's devastating, and they definitely need our prayers, now more than ever...

message 27: by Marco (new)

Marco (marcoreads) | 23 comments Sharissa wrote: "Today in my Regional Studies class we had a speaker on this subject. I though we could discuss (not debate) this a little bit because I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks it wrong. Plus, I wanted..."

I agree. What can/do we do about it!!!

*Mrs. Brightside* Kristen wrote: "I don't think I have. Who's in it?"

Er, I don't know. It's no one big or anything.

message 29: by ShadowTalon (new)

ShadowTalon (flameofnight) Child soldiers are another form of human trafficking. Watch the movie "Blood Diamond". You'll see what I mean.

*Mrs. Brightside* Oh, hey! I think I saw there a black guy in it who's...I can't remember /: but he was hiding...ugh! Dang, I barely remember.

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