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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > post apcolyptic story about a girl and her parrot [s]

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Ann aka Iftcan (Iftcan) | 5863 comments Mod
This book started out in one of the magazines (Analogue, Amazing, that kind.) It is the story of an 11 year old girl who is a genius. Her father is a doctor and some kind of an "expert" for Washington, DC. He heads to DC for a meeting and she takes the opportunity to go down into the bomb shelter that is below their house to spend some time reading the books there. While in the shelter, an alert comes out, the doors of the shelter close and she's locked in while bombs are rained down on various parts of the country. She sits listening to the ham radio that is part of the shelter as survivors (especially military) talk about getting sick--and then they stop transmitting.

This book is pre-1990's, I believe. Definately well before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communisim.

The writing style is also kind of different, since the girl leaves off various parts of the English language. She doesn't use words like, I, you, they, the etc. She claims its because she'd be bored if she did and quit keeping the journal.

She has also been learning karate from an elderly gentleman whom she always refers to as "Teacher". He was a triple-doc and another genius.

She stays in the shelter for 3 months, since that's 3 times as long as the files say that the "super" bug that killed everyone can survive outside of the human body. When she gets out, she heads over to bury Teacher--and finds a file sitting on his desk and discovers that she is actually a member of a new species of humans--one that is immune to all the illnesses that affect "regular" humans. I think that they are called homo-post-homo (man after man) or something similar.

She sets up a farm that she finds outside her home town (small, mid-west I think, farm belt area). Then she heads off with her parrot (or maccow--one of the "talking" type birds) to find others like herself.

The cover which I DO remember very well is of her walking up a street with shop windows, deserted cars and the parrot/bird who is bright blue flying ahead of her.

I remember quite a bit more about the book, but figure this is getting really long already. :o) So I'll stop now. If people ask, I can put more info in later.

Kerry (rocalisa) | 31 comments I know this one. It is called Emergence by David R. Palmer. It's out of print and I so, so wish I could find a copy. Recently (last year maybe) he had a follow up story called "Tracking" in three issues of Analog magazine. Hang on while I go and look them up.

It's in the July/August, September and October issues of Analog in 2008.

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