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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisalickel) | 15 comments I'd like to hear some details about how you researched for this one.

message 2: by Tosca (new)

Tosca Lee (toscatoscaleecom) Hi, Trish. :) Clay's ideas about writing are different than mine, except that I used to never quite believe this idea about a character deciding on his/her own to go this way or that--until I experienced that in-the-moment storytelling that happens in the writing first-hand. If you read my book, Havah, the immediate (physical) fallout right after the eating of the fruit is an example of an unplanned story development. :)

As for the Mrs. US pageant... there is no talent portion--half is based on interview (and the other half on fitness and evening gown). Being married and a career woman and/or wife and mother is talent enough! :>

Hi, Lisa--for research, a lot of scriptural commentary, a book by LaVerne Schaffer, as well as the input of several theologian friends. I've cited my sources in the author's notes in the back.

Thanks and please feel free to come join me on my FB page (you can jump to it from!

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