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Just wondering......?

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Damian This book is on a lot of folks "to-read" lists. Personally I think suicide is a pretty stupid idea but I also don't think the author should be shot. I am curious as to why folks are interested in reading it. Anyone want to share?

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Damian I figure you should be ready to answer any question you ask, so I'll go first. I guess I'm just a bit macabre but I'd be interested in reading about all the unexpected ways a suicide attempt could go wrong. Call me sick if you want. I recently spoke to a Japanese friend about suicide. Supposedly it's popular to off yourself using chlorine gas (mix bleach and ammonia) but the problem is that it often effects whomever finds the body or others in the building. People have taken to putting up warning signs on the outside of the room where they're committing suicide. Polite and considerate, even in death.

Meaghan I'm very interested in medical stories, diseases, unusual deaths, etc. That's why I picked up the book. It's full of fascinating case studies.

For example a man who stabbed himself in the chest seven times, but nothing seemed to happen and he didn't even bleed very much, so he cleaned up, changed his clothes and went to lunch with an aunt. He behaved normally during the meal but as it ended and they stood up to go, he keeled over on the floor and died. It turned out his knife had pierced the pericardium (the sac containing the heart) but not the heart itself, and the pericardium had to take time filling up with blood before the wound proved fatal or even noticeable. That kind of story really interests me.

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Ilze It's like asking: Why read a book about stamps? or Why read about ... Have you read Alvarez' "The Savage God"? Obviously I read it for my thesis, a comparative study of the poetry of Ingrid Jonker, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton (all suicides) ... but then I guess, you'd be asking "Why study that?" Because it interests me.

Carlos Vazquez Medical professionals don't see anything profane people doesn't see also. Only it's different the point of view.
For these who don't understands suicide I wish never fall in real vital dire straits. Life has bitter surprises, sometimes from birth. This said, I agree don't understand the purpose of this book. Oscar Wilde said "God afflict and strangle". Never forget that, and less in today's times when people gets too muh old age in bad conditions of all classes.
I know what I say.

Jennifer Nelson If this sort of thing touches your life, you want to know everything about it. At least I did; it's been about 12 years since I read this.

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