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Jeremy Jones (jjesper82) | 19 comments Mod
Hey all! Our own Janie Teague-Urbach came up with some discussion points for the book. Many thanks to her. Feel free to respond here and/or at the meeting.

Discussion Points

The author likes to play individuals "against" their own and other cultures. How does fawn differ from the culture she was born into? In what ways does she fit in to her own culture and cause her problems with Dag?

Bujold also "grows" her characters. They change in response to new experiences. How does Dag change from the beginning to end of Book One: Beguilement? How does Fawn?

What do you think the term "Beguilement" refers to in this first book?

Do you think the Lakewalker's "Ground Sense" is a good or bad thing to have?

Love grows quickly between Dag and Fawn. What do you think makes their feelings for each other so strong and deep? How does the age difference affect them?


message 2: by Christe (new)

Christe  (ckay56) | 1 comments Fawn differs from her culture because she's very curious about things she knows nothing about.

She fits into her culture because she is used to regular everyday life without 'groundsense' & such.
It causes problems with Dag because he has never set down roots anywhere & is always on the move.

Dag changes from not being interested in a mate & having children to falling in love with Fawn, marrying her & wanting to have children.
Fawn grows from a young pregnant girl into a more mature & knowledgeable woman in love.

In this book I think 'beguilement' means captivate or enchanted because of how Dag & Fawn came to meet each other.

I think the 'groundsense' for the most part is a good thing.

The fact that they are so in tune to each other & open for understanding each other's cultures makes their feelings strong.
Dag being so much older than Fawn makes him more experienced & therefore has to teach Fawn things because of her youth.

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