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L (audinosbiitch) Willow walked down the hallway.

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L (audinosbiitch) She walked to the door into the common room. "Which comes first, the phoenix or the flame?" The voice greeted her. Willow thought for a moment, then said, "No circle has a beginning." The door opened, and she climbed through.
Willow ran up the stairs, bursting through the door. She flung herself across the bed, kicking her shoes off as she went, and ending up with her head nearly touching the floor, her dark red hair spilling out onto the floor.
She reached under, lifting the dislodged blanket with her hand so she could see. There it was. She took hold of the large, square object, and pulled it out. She pushed herself up, sitting cross-legged on her bed.
Willow swept her hand across, sending clouds of dust onto the blanket. She opened the book, listening as the slightly yellowed pages crinkled slightly. She hadn't looked through this since she got here, though usually she looked through it every day.
She flipped through the pages, careful not to rip them as she looked at the pictures, moving and otherwise.
Pictures of her grandparents filled the first few pages, then pictures of her parents, then of her sister, who'd run away when she was very young, and who was born a muggle, then of her(Those were the ones that were moving), then, the newest pictures, were of Willow's little brother, only seven years old when...
She shut the book, trying not to think of her siblings. They were gone, snuffed out like candlelight. Her parents were all she had left, and they weren't much anymore. Her father was in prison, and her mother...her mother just sat in her rocking chair, looking at pictures of her sister, brother, and father.
Willow shoved the book under the bed again. She didn't want to look anymore. She slid off the bed, slipped her feet into her shoes, and stood.
Exiting the dormitory, she walked across the room and left, heading for the Great Hall.
The floor that the Ravenclaw Dormitory was situated was completely empty, except for Peeves. She ducked into an empty spot, where a statue would have stood, and hid there until all was completely quiet, then waited a few more minutes. She stepped out, and a bucket of water was doused on her head. "PEEVES!" Filch's evil, harsh voice sounded from the stairs, and, soaking wet, Willow ran in the opposite direction.

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