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message 1: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Thieme | 10 comments Usually I find that if I can imagine a thing on the internet, it already exists.

What I'm imagining at the moment is a performance search engine that allows you to search for an obscure-ish work or composer you love -- say, Valentin Silvestrov -- and it will search every major symphony hall and concert series in the US (and beyond?) and tell you about upcoming performances. I can think of several works I'd travel far to random places to see.

Has anyone seen anything like this?


message 2: by Harvey (new)

Harvey | 31 comments No.... but I love the concept! There is music and an audience beyond the US, my friend :) Such an engine would be such a beautiful idea.

message 3: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Thieme | 10 comments But I live in the US, and I'm asking the question for myself! :) It would take a lot to get me to leave the country for a performance, although I did consider going to Paris for their Tristan with video projection by Bill Viola. I was self-employed at the time and couldn't swing it though ....

message 4: by Harvey (new)

Harvey | 31 comments But think of that famous foodie, Epicurius who thought nothing of dashing off to Carthage from Rome (In modern terms a longer than transatlantic journey) because he heard some food was just in season. Admittedly few of us can travel internationally for an evening out at a drop of a hat. Many can and do plan their holidays around music or arts festivals. Music belongs to us all!! :)

message 5: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Thieme | 10 comments The last two years I've used a big chunk of my vacation time to see opera, first The Ring and then Tristan out of state (can you see a pattern emerging?).

message 6: by Harvey (new)

Harvey | 31 comments Yup! :) Collecting interesting operatic experiences, The Barber, in Warsaw sung in Polish was quite unusual. Admittedly I did not make a special journey just for that, though I have made a frequent pilgrimage to Latvian National Opera in Riga.

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