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I was adopted.

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Clare D' Lune | 88 comments Awesome! So what are your feelings on it, if you want to share them...?

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I think adoption is a great thing.

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Clare D' Lune | 88 comments thats really cool. I'm REALLY for giving a baby to adobtion rather than killing it with abortion. I know I've said it a billion times, but I think that if you make the mistake of getting pregnant when you don't want a kid, adobtion is the best choice!

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Clare D' Lune | 88 comments In that way, I am pro-choice. But I'm for the RIGHT choice. The good choice. The sensible choice.

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same here, if you don't want the baby, don't kill it, put it up for adoption and let it live!

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*JayJay* one of my best friends is a foster child. she lives in a great house, that have kool parent & 3 other children, not foster kids. she is really smart and plays lots of sports like many other girls i know. but her mom went to jail, & her aunt, who was her guardian, was abusive. so she ran away & wound up in childrens square, which she says isnt all tht great of a place. she was placed in foster care a couple years ago. & she ended up at my skool. howevr she wont let herself get adopted for the costs. if she stays in foster care, the state takes care of her. & she would rather do tht than hv to hv the family she loves the most pay for all her expenses. now she has a younger half brother who has cancer. he is still in the care of their aunt who she treats better than her. just because he is blood-related to her. it isnt fair tht she is only allowed to see, what, once a week when she really cares for him. her family practically abadoned her, as though she was aborted, yet she could feel it & tlk bout her pain, & fight it. im sure shes happy now, she just wishes things were different. & things will change in time. im just happy she wasnt given up as a bad case when she was still unborn. cuz shes a great listener, knowing some problems are too hard to bear alone.

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Clare D' Lune | 88 comments wow! Awesome!

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*JayJay* i hv 2 cousins who were adopted this yr. they're really kool, but i dont c them very often. they live n MN. but i hope they're happy cuz their parents r kool, & the rest of the fam just adores them. they're really lucky. even i feel lucky hvin em here

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) | 53 comments Mod
My dad spent the first weeks of his life with the nuns before he was adopted. Then he was adopted to a good catholic family. They moved here in AZ and he met my mom. Then me and my sibs came. Such a happy life and he could have been aborted!

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