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message 1: by Mrs. (new)

Mrs. Badass (mrsbadass) | 140 comments Kate Daniels Series

Magic Bites
Magic Burns
Magic Strikes
Magic Mourns (Anthology)
Magic Bleeds
Magic Slays

The Edge Series

On the Edge
Bayou Moon

Other Works:

Silent Blade

message 2: by Mrs. (new)

Mrs. Badass (mrsbadass) | 140 comments Bayou Moon comes out September 28th, although B&N is shipping early and some stores have it out, like BAM.

It was a fantastic and interesting book. They have some of the most creative monsters ever!

message 3: by Beanbag, Gabe's babe (new)

Beanbag Love | 298 comments Mod
I love Ilona Andrews! I just started reading her a couple of months ago and I'm a complete fanatic. I'm hoping to go to the signing in San Diego next week.

Everyone who likes urban fantasy (with some excellent romance writing filtered in) should read IA. So good.

message 4: by Danielle The Book Huntress , MacKinnon's Ranger (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 176 comments Mod
Kate Daniels is my hero! I love Ilona and Gordon's writing. The noir elements and their sense of humor is awesome. I am spreading out my reads of theirs. Don't want to run dry!

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