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message 1: by James (new)

James | 1 comments Hi Gang,

I am an independent author and publisher, and I have an idea I want to toss out to those who might be interested in working on with me, either as a publisher/sponsor or as an author/judge.

Awhile back, I was blogging about this idea, and I decided to start brainstorming. Here's what I came up with:

I was wondering if you would like to co-sponsor a little enterprise I'm going to put together that would combine the artistry of fiction writers with the presentation and dramatic powers of a live presentation, similar to the famous New York Symphony Series "The American Short Story," where actors read fiction by authors.

In others words, I see this contest as a combination of American Shorts and American Idol.

I am willing to put up half the winners' money, but I wanted to see if you would want to add something in the way of sponsorship.

I can use a unique software program on my private web site to hold the "awards presentation." This software is called DimDim, and it allows one to have meetings with up to 500 people, and the presenters can broadcast video and audio, as well as use Powerpoint slides and a white board. I have integrated this program already into my college online classes, and it works really well. The video is nice and the audio is clear, but we will certainly test it before the actual award presentations.

The program itself would include the judging of short fiction in the blind (author's names and identities would be removed), in order to ensure complete fairness. We could have categories of story such as flash, short-short, and short story.

The judging would be done by professional authors whose decision would be final.

Besides the monetary winnings, the winners would also get their stories professionally delivered by superb readers/actors. As part of this part of the award, we would have the actors present a dramatic reading or other type of presentation of the story live on the day scheduled on the DimDim Meeting at my my web site. I think it's important to have the authors see how their stuff can translate into dramatic format. Believe me, it's a real ego-booster! I've had my stuff produced in audio format at

The marketing and promotional pluses are there. American Imagination Idol would be recognized on all the social sites and in the blogosphere. Sniplits would get some name recognition to help brand it. Perhaps there might be legal problems using the name "American Idol," but we could come up with something different. It's just that I believe creative writers need a way to have their stuff shown to the masses in a popular way.

I would need people to volunteer to do the following:
1. Judges (professional writers)
2. Co-Sponsors (publishers)
3. Developers (computer types/programmers)

Let me know what you think and email me and/post here.

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner | 259 comments Jim, is this project still active?

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