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Chat here!

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Hiya! ^^

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Thanks! =D Candy is the head mod, tell her! ^^ I'm glad you like it!

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Really? Awesome!

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I'm glad you like it so much! =)

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I'll tell Candy, she's online at the moment.

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I'm here" What did you wanna tell me?

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Sierra says this is the best group they've ever been in! =D

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:D I'm so chuffed.

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You should be too, every other member. If it weren't for you, this group would be crap.

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Exactly. *Shifty*

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> w >

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Mornin Isla.

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Mornin' Ally.

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Afternoon Isla.

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'Noon Ally.

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Evenin' Isla.

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Evenin' Ally.

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[image error]

It looks like Dora the Explorer has just popped out of a giant organ and is proudly teaching us the Spanish phrase for "No thank you, I am allergic to purple brains". Which, while handy to know, isn't really something you'd want a visual with.

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Hurhur. Ginger edward.

Also, do female vampires have... you know.... "the painters in"?

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Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) heyy

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