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message 1: by Julianna (last edited Feb 08, 2009 08:09PM) (new)

Julianna (authorjuliannad) | 77 comments Beyond Duet--Emma Holly

A pair of mildly erotic Victorian historicals. They can be read independently though without loosing any storyline.

1. Beyond Innocence
2. Beyond Seduction

message 2: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 0 comments Julie is the first book as good as the second--I really like the second one.

message 3: by Julianna (new)

Julianna (authorjuliannad) | 77 comments East, I loved the second one too. It's a keeper for me, but I thought the first one was only so-so. There were times when I got pretty frustrated with the story, because of this back-and-forth tug-of-war where the hero seemed to be trying have his cake and eat it too. He was just a little too wishy-washy for my taste. The heroine seemed rather nondescript to me too. The hero's gay brother was the only character I really liked. He was a sweet, scene-stealer, and was the only person I thought was really being honest about his feelings. I have a short review posted for Beyond Innocence here at GR if you want to read it.

message 4: by Eastofoz (new)

Eastofoz | 0 comments Thanks for the link Julie :D

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