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Beautiful Survivor Mouse heard the announcer say go. His heart pounded a million miles a minute. He almsot felt like crying. When the gates opened, he shape shifted into a cheetah and ran. He would win these games. He would!

Beautiful Survivor Mouse grabbed a bag of apples and a spear. All in his cheetah mouth. He had barely missed that wind, he shuddered and kept running.

Beautiful Survivor Mouse saw her and slipped by Sparrow's feet as a tiny brown mouse.

Beautiful Survivor Mouse sighed in relief. He quickly turned human again and sat frozen still.

Beautiful Survivor Unfourtanately, Mouse decided to stay in there too, and he laid asleep in the cave.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) ((Can I come in or is there only supposed to be two in a battle?))

Beautiful Survivor ((Have you ever read the Hunger Games?))

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) ((Yup.))

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen was shoved into the arena. He slowly walked around the wooded area. He saw a girl feeding a mouse. He quickly notched an arrow in his bow.

Beautiful Survivor Suddenly, Mouse's time ran up and he turned human. (That's his name, Mouse.)

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen let go of the arrow. It slid through his fingers. It made impact with the rock wall. It was a warning shot to notify her of his presence

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen saw the girl and dissipated into thin air making himself nothing but the harsh wind

Beautiful Survivor Mouse quickly fled.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen appeared right behind the mousy little boy and took him by the neck

Beautiful Survivor Mouse snarled and turned into a rat, quickly biting her with his enlongegated teeth..

Beautiful Survivor Mouse in his rat from squealed in pain as he struck face first into the boulder. He slid off uncounciouss and in human form.

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Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Right Before Wen hit the boulder he dissipated. "I see you!" He whispered in her ear in his invisible form. He made his way over to a well hidden spot where he could still see the confused girl looking around desperately

Beautiful Survivor Mouse groaned and turned into a mouse and dissapeared inside a nearby hole.

Beautiful Survivor A little squeaky voice replied, "Why were you protecting me?"

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "Lets see if you can blast this back!" He screamed appearing behind her holding a short hunting knife on her neck

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "Please I really don't want to kill you! Give in or die!" He said

Beautiful Survivor Suddenly, Mouse appeared and turned into a bear, smacking Wen.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen dissipated again. He really loved his powers. But disappearing wasn't Wen's only power. He could manipulate objects around him. Using his powers he picked rocks off the ground making sure to choose the pointy ones. When he collected enough he forced the stones against Wen when her back was turned. He was doing all of this in his invisible form.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen was losing powers but he quickly got behind her when his power failed.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "Oh God!" Wen said struggling for breath. This wind was strangling him.

Beautiful Survivor Mouse had fled the scene.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "HHUUHHH!" He gasped for air, thinking that it wouldn't last. "PLEASE! LET ME GO!" he gasped hoarsely

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "Please!!" he said in a raspy voice.

Beautiful Survivor ((Hey, can you guys join my new group... http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/3... ))

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen seeing his only chance, dissipated again. He didn't regret his decision.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) Wen appeared putting a shoulder on Sparrows shoulder. "You're right. They are sick monsters up in there big office buildings sentencing kids to death." a Tear dripped down Wen's face remembering his brother

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Desert wandered around lonely for a long time now. She sighed and came to voices that she followed with curiousity to come up to two people talking. She walked over to them, her half-black and half-white, long hair waving behind her "H-hey." she said.

Avenicci {fire hive} (monkshood) "We will not kill each other. We combined are stronger than any government. I say we launch an attack on the capitol to rid the world of the sick cruel leaders." he snarled

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Desert flicked her ears "Kill eachother? Why?" she asked.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Desert perked her ears "Tricks? Sounds familiar, but noone was able to trick me around and flood or set on fire an area. Not on my watch." she said, standing tall, but she meant it, she had been through those situations.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Desert looked at her "They say? Sorry if I was rude, but noone wipes me out and trust me, I can wipe them out myself." she folded her ears back.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments Desert sighed "I've been in those games before, but this one is different. I follow the rules of my games and the tactics. Nothing can change that, even if they kill me." she said and ran off in the bushes.

Diamond_the_ancient | 71 comments (( its my charrie O.O and yh she won, but she didnt became any victor or wuteva, she wants to fight again . ))

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