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Kage Baker Q & A

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message 1: by Beatriz (last edited Jul 08, 2008 12:56PM) (new)

Beatriz (nebula61) | 1 comments Joseph Mallozzi (of SGA) hosted a Q & A w/ author Kage Baker at his blog:

message 2: by Ubik (new)

Ubik | 3 comments I just joined this group and surprisingly hadnt heard of Kage Baker before. So thanks for recommending her. I have put her books on my list to-read.

message 3: by Kaethe (new)

Kaethe (kaethedouglas) This seemed like a good place to post this: Jo Walton has posted at the Tor site that Kage Baker is extremely ill. I invite anyone who's enjoyed her work to take a minute to send her good wishes. And anyone who hasn't enjoyed her work should read In the Garden of Iden post haste.

message 4: by Kaethe (new)

Kaethe (kaethedouglas) I am sorry to note the passing of Kage Baker. She will be missed.

message 5: by David (new)

David Simpson (davidsimpson) | 3 comments 2 days left to get your FREE E-COPY, Join today!

message 6: by David "Thorne" (new)

David "Thorne" Luckhardt | 2 comments I knew Kage for years as a fellow Renaissance Faire participant, and enjoy both her SF and Fantasy novels.

I recommend her fantasy 'humans and demons' universe as described in these books: The Anvil of the World (2003), Mother Ægypt and Other Stories (2004), The House of the Stag (2008), The Bird of the River (July 2010).

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