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Animals: There are many different types of animals in the world of Harry Potter:
~Abraxan: Elephant-sized Palomino horses with wings.
~Acromantula: A formidable beast with eight 15-foot long legs and near-human intelligence, a really big spider.
~Ashwinder: A grey serpent with fiery eyes.
~Banshee: A nonmalevolent female spirit whose physical presence presages one’s death.
~Basilisk: Known as the King of the Serpents, can live a long life, able to kill with a single glance, and virtually invulnerable.
~Bicorn: A two horned creature who either feeds on good wives or good husbands.
~Blast-Ended Skrewt: A mix of a fire-crab and a manticore; it can discharge something explosive.
~Boggart: A shape shifting creature, who feeds on its victims emotions.
~Boomslang: A snake found in Africa; it’s venom is poisonous and homotoxic.
~Bowtruckle: a tree-dwelling insect that uses a camouflage to blend in with its surroundings.
~Bundimun: Can destroy a house foundation.
~Centaur: Intelligent half-man, half horse creatures who keep to themselves in the forbidden forest.
~ Chimaera: A female beast with the body of a lion (in front), a goat (in the middle), and a dragon (in the back); can breathe fire.
~Chizpurfle: A parasite that invades a wizards home, about the size of a termite.
~Clabbert: A cross between a frog and a monkey, lives in the trees.
~Cockatrice: A Basilisk.
~Dementor: A soul sucking demon.
~Demiguise: A creature with long, silky hair that is used for making invisibility cloaks.
~Diricawl: A flightless bird who can disappear and reappear suddenly.
~Doxy: A creature that resembles a cross between a fairy and an insect.
~Dugbog: A creature that resembles a floating piece of wood.
~Erkling: an elfish creature who lures away children to eat them.
~Erumpent: A large African beast that resembles a rhino and weighs as much as a ton.
~Fire-crab: A creature with a bejeweled shell that resembles a tortoise.
~Fire-slug: Little is known about them.
~Flesh-Eating Slug: A slug that eats human flesh.
~Flobberworm: a brown worm known only for eating vegetation.
~Fruitbat: Gray-brown fur and distinctive facial stripes.
~Fwooper: A bird whose singing causes insanity.
~Glumbumble: An insect that produces treacle.
~Graphorn: A mountain beast with two horns which are highly prized for potions.
~Griffin: A creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion.
~Grim: A black dog.
~Grindlylow: A water demon known for its tenacious grip.
~Hinkypunk: A one-legged wispy creature that uses a light to misdirect lost travelers.
~Hippocampus: A cross between a horse and a giant fish.
~Hippogriff: Across between a horse and an eagle.
~Horklump: A tentacle creature that infests gardens.
~Horned Toad: Five inches, horns on it’s back.
~Imp: Small and mostly male, they get a joy out of tripping people up.
~Jarvey: A subterranean ferret-looking creature that can talk.
~Jobberknoll: A soundless bird who will, when it dies, finally scream.
~Kappa: A creature that looks like a scaly monkey with webbed hands.
~Kelpie: A shapeshifting water demon that typically looks like a horse.
~Knarl: Similar to a Hedgehog.
~Kneazle: A catlike creature who is highly intelligent, has an unerring sense of direction, and a good judge of character.
~Lacewing Fly: Used in potion making.
~Lethifold: Looks like a dementor.
~Lolalug: An aquatic creature used in potion making.
~Mackled Malaclaw: Looks like a lobster.
~Manticore: Head of a man, body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion.
~Merpeople: Upper body of a human, tail of a fish.
~Moke: A lizard that can shrink at will.
~Murtlap: A ratlike creature with sea anemone on it’s back.
~ Niffler: Resembles a wood rat.
~Nogtail: A demon that resembles a piglet.
~NUndu: A gigantic octopus with toxic breath.
~Occamy: A winged creature with a serpentine body.
~Plimpy: A round fish with long, rubbery legs.
~Pogrebin: A demon that pounces on its victims when they are in utter despair.
~Porlock: A shy horse-guardian that mistrusts humans.
~Puffskein: A round ball of fuzz.
~Quintaped: A carnivorous beast.
~Ramora: A magical fish that can anchor ships and acts like a guardian for sailors.
~Red Cap: Short and stocky, moves incredibly fast.
~Re’em: A giant ox whose blood give the drinker enormous strength.
~Runespoor: A three-headed Snake that can be seven feet in length and colored a bright orange with black stripes.
~Shrake: A spiny fish that destroys fishermen’s nets.
~Snidget: A bird that can fly fast, usually used for qudditch.
~Sphinx: A humans head and a lions body.
~Streeler: A giant snail whose secretion burns all vegetations it passes over.
~Tebo: A warthog who can make itself invisible.
~Thestral: A winged creature who is very seldom seen.
~Werewolf: A person who can change into a wolf every full moon.

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Kendra (madamejade) Spells:
Alarte Ascendare- levitates an object.
Anteoculatia- gives you antlers
Antodolo- severe internal injury
Aparecium- makes invisible stuff visible
Aqua Eructo- create and control jet of water
Arania Exumai kills spiders
Aresto Momentum- Slows down falling objects
Ascendio- makes you fly
Avifors- Turns objects into birds
Avis- A flock of birds
Oppugno Avis- a flock of pecking birds
Confringo- explodes when it hits a solid
Bombarda Maxima- makes large explosions.
Calvario- Makes target bald
Carpe Retractum- magic rope that grabs and pulls back; like hookshot
Canscadio- defeats multiple opponents at once
Aperio- open
Colloportus- locks doors
Colloshoo- glues shoes to the ground
Collotodo- glues whole body to the ground
Multicorfors- change colors of objects
Confringo- sets the target on fire
Confundo- causes target to be confused and submissive
Defodio- Tunneling spell
Deletrius- erases
Augeo- make bigger
Depulso- sends target to certain location
Descendo- makes things go down
Diffindo- cuts things
Diminuendo- makes things shrink
Draconifors- turns statues of dragons into real ones
Zointrao Versavertamium- turns target into an animal
Duro- Turns targets to stone
Epoximise- Permanent sticking charm
Erecto- erects structures
Evanesco- vanishing spell
Everte Statum- Throws people backwards
expulso- Creates large explosion
Fera Verto- Turns animals into water goblets
Fiendfyre- Makes unstoppable flames in the form of dragons
Finite/Incantetem- Undoes spells
Temporus- wall of fire
Flipendo- Push-back jinx
fumos- smoke charm
Furnunculus- causes target to be covered in painful boils
Glacius- Freezing spell
Glisseo- turns stairs to slides
Homenum- Reveals Human presence in the vicinity of the caster
Hrulonium- Causes broomsticks to buck and toss their riders off
Impedimenta- Imobilization charm
Incendio- Creates fire
Incarcerous- ties up something with ropes
Lacarnum Inflamarae- shoots flame from wand
Lapifors- turns small objects into real rabits
Locomotor (target)- moves around the targeted object to the caster's will
Locomotor Mortis- Leg-locker curse
Lumos Maxima- light
Nox Maxima- dark
Lumos Duo- Locks on to target with shining light
Lumos Solem- Powerful ray of light
Melofors encases heads in pumpkins
Mobiliarbus- levitates and moves an object
Mobilicorpus- moves people
Obscuro- causes a blindfold to appear over target's eyes
Oppugno- Causes animals to attack
Petrificus Tatalus- body-bind curse
Piertotum Locomotor- makes statues do caster's bidding
Portus- makes objects a portkey
Protego Horribilis- protects against dark magic
Protego Maxima- most powerful shield
Protego totalum- protects a small area from anything but unforgivable curses
Reducto- breaks objects
Relashio- Makes things let go of whatever they're holding
Repello- pushes target back
Rictusempra- tickling charm
Scourify- Clean stuff
Serpensortia Maxima- makes twelve serpents come out of casters wand
Slugulus Eructo- vomit slugs charm
Spongify- Cushioning charm
Ventus- a strong gust of wind
Verdimillious- attacks enemies with green lightning

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