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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Last week Matt won Fugitive Prince, and it's time to move on to the next book drawing. We are trying to catch up to the reading schedule. We should be up to speed by the next drawing.

As always there is a limit to the countries where the books can be mailed, due to publisher limits. As far as I know, Canada is still not in the running.

Eligible areas are:
USA/Great Britain/Australia/New Zealand

Post your numbers here, once again, between 1 and 100 inclusive. And good luck to all!

message 2: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (breakofdawn) 82

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott (scottywc) | 5 comments 16

message 4: by Kerry (new)

Kerry (rocalisa) | 50 comments 12

message 5: by Leslie Ann (new)

Leslie Ann (leslieann) | 27 comments 46

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt | 4 comments 92

message 7: by John (new)

John | 138 comments 73

message 8: by Sandra (last edited Sep 19, 2010 06:59AM) (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments I forgot to say! The drawing will be one week from today. Last time I made it two weeks and all the activity was in the first week, so, let's make it one week.

message 9: by Chris (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 111 comments 27

message 10: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Holden | 5 comments 1 dollar

message 11: by Becky42olson (new)

Becky42olson | 5 comments 13

message 12: by Lacey (new)

Lacey | 9 comments 64

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments Kyle wrote: "1 dollar"

You mean # 1?

message 14: by Dorsi (new)

Dorsi (kismet1228) 67

message 15: by Julie (new)

Julie 32

message 16: by Kira4Inu (new)

Kira4Inu Kira4Inu How about 45

message 17: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 1059 comments OK, our week is up and Dawn is the big winner. The winning # is 81 and Dawn is the closest with 82!

Congratulations, Dawn!

I'll set up the next drawing soon.

message 18: by Kira4Inu (new)

Kira4Inu Kira4Inu Congrats Dawn!

message 19: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (breakofdawn) Yay, thanks!

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