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Beautiful Survivor Spark was underwater, swiftly catching slippery silver fish for dinner.
Cold Heart and Malice saw a Grass Owl standing gaurd. They nodded to each other, then Malice used super speed and zoomed off, Cold Heart attached to her.

Beautiful Survivor (Hello?))

Beautiful Survivor Malice and Cold Heart already were attacking the dining area. Malice was a big threat, she was going so fast, no one would see her and she would kill them, and Cold Heart heat visioned owls and snakes to death.

Beautiful Survivor Screams erupted and almost everyone (there were about sixteen owls and three snakes.) were dead.

Beautiful Survivor Malice and Cold Heart chuckled menacingly. Cold Heart blasted a Spotted Owl dead.

Beautiful Survivor The two remaining owls, a Snowy Owl named Lizard and Hoot Owl named Brace screeched for Digger as they tried to find the speeding Malice and the preparing to attack Cold Heart.

Beautiful Survivor Brace was already dead and Lizard was screaming. Malice, who only Digger could see, was aiming the blow.

Beautiful Survivor Malice felt a blow, and as she slammed against the tree, she saw half of the owls weren't dead, eleven owls flew out of the tree as fast as they could.

Beautiful Survivor Cold Heart took aim at Runner and Malice's eyes singed. She went so fast, that time froze, but apparently Digger did too, so they were going the same speed.

Beautiful Survivor Spark suddenly attacked Cold Heart, dragging him underwater.
Malice growled, "Can't have that now can we?" She then slashed open his stomach.

Beautiful Survivor Malice suddenly noticed Cold Heart was gone. She screeched in suprise and flew out of the tree, to see his body floating in the ocean. She screeched in fury.

Beautiful Survivor Malice seemed to have forgotten about fighting and slowed down to circle around her dead brother.

Beautiful Survivor Malice, saw Ayn. She quickly and carefully grabbed her brothers soaking body and fled, where she had to report her failure.

Beautiful Survivor Spark came out of the water and grinned proudly at Runner.

Beautiful Survivor "That stupid owl tried to blast me under water, but it just evaporated into smoke. Justice was served." chuckled Spark.

Beautiful Survivor Then Spark said, "That girl owl looked familiar, do you know who she was??"

Beautiful Survivor Spark shrugged and smiled when he saw all the other owls emerge. They weren't dead at all, neither were the snakes.

Beautiful Survivor "We had to act..." said a snake.

Beautiful Survivor Spark then said, "Let's look up a book about the Pure Ones."

Beautiful Survivor Spark went into the library and picked up a book called, " The Pure Ones and Their Secrets

Beautiful Survivor Spark opened the book. The book had been released yesterday by a owl they had captured who had been one of the Pure Ones.

Chapter One: The Members
The Pure Ones are full of members, the following are...

It listed owl positions, names, and powers.

Beautiful Survivor High Tyto: Plank. Big brutal owl with the strength of over ten wolves. He is big with a long scar down his wing. Make a mistake in his group and you were going to pay.

Beautiful Survivor Spark rolled his eyes, "He's a Pure One!"

Beautiful Survivor Malice- a small white owl who has the speed faster than thunder...she has been in trouble with Plank before, but she was always one to stand up to him without being killed...

Beautiful Survivor Spark flipped around and commented, "No other owl with super speed here."

Beautiful Survivor "Malice is a nice name for her." said Spark.

Beautiful Survivor Spark then skipped to Chapter Two: The Danger That Awaits.

Beautiful Survivor I've seen The High Tyto plan before, any mark of his plan gone wrong and you were dead. I saw Malice, who I had said was a luckier one, got scratched up so bad that wolves gathered around the tree to feast.

Beautiful Survivor She didn't even have time to do speed and he had scratched and bit her. He used her uncounciouss body as a sign to be careful. The only reason why he kept her was because she was powerful. She ha scars to this day.

Beautiful Survivor Spark kept reading

Malice reported that the leader is finding ways to use magic.

Beautiful Survivor "Magic." muttered Spark. He closed the book and went to the prison, to interrogate the owl.

Beautiful Survivor "You either come with me...or read." said Spark.

Beautiful Survivor In the dark prison, they saw the female barn owl they captured long ago, Ginger, she was starving and wrinkled, close to death. She hissed, she hadn't seen sunlight in so long.

Beautiful Survivor Ginger was clearly starving. Her bones showed and her eyes were drooping. Spark saw Eglantine had followed him and was glaring at Ginger.
((Can u rp Eglantine.))

Beautiful Survivor Ginger muttered, "Nice to see you again."

Beautiful Survivor Power held his talons to Ginger's neck and threw the book at her face, "Whats this magic stuff?"

Beautiful Survivor Ginger remained silent. Spark looked at Eglantine, "You handle her."

Beautiful Survivor "Why should I?" snarled Ginger, "You put me in here! In here! I haven't eaten for days!"

Beautiful Survivor "I was held here against my will. Away from my family. My friends. To come here." muttered Ginger, turning her back to Eglantine.

Beautiful Survivor "No. I'm not going to tell and let you kill any of my family members and abandon me here." said Ginger. Power suddenly slashed open Ginger's stomach, making her collapse.

Beautiful Survivor Ginger shook in pain and writhed, moaning. Blood covered her side.

Beautiful Survivor Ginger said, "Revenge will be sought by my members. They will destroy you all." Ginger laughed maniacly.

Beautiful Survivor "Ah, my old friend they will. They will. They will grow so powerful...no one will be safe." laughed Ginger.
Power marched out of the prison, throwing a old battle claw at Ginger.

Beautiful Survivor "Ah yes! Yes! Yes!" and suddenly, Ginger turned completely black and blasted through the prison and back to the Pure Ones.

I Ginger, can grow ten times stronger.

Beautiful Survivor But Power was gone.

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