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message 1: by Laika, Head mod!! (new)

Laika | 914 comments Mod
This is a special topic dedicated to those warriors groups you want to put out there.

message 2: by Dapplenose (new)

Dapplenose | 54 comments Mod
I recently made a new Warriors Fan group, Warriors Fanclub. We'll be including book discussion on the latest book, semi-literate roleplay (realistic and at least two flowing sentences), fanfictions, and Erin Hunter and Warriors chat.

The roleplay just started today, catching up is not a problem.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)
It's gone pretty far but I'll catch you up if you join =D we've got a pretty good storyline

message 4: by SpazzyJazzy (last edited Nov 06, 2010 01:12PM) (new)

SpazzyJazzy The mods, as far as I can tell, are friendly and helpful and everyone's pretty useful in helping you get involved with the roleplay. Plus, it's more realistic and encourages longer posts and more in-depth characters.

message 5: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy A new group that needs more members. There are different Roleplays that are based off different era's (Lake, Ancient, Forest ect.) meaning there's more oppurtunity for people to grab Important Positions if they miss the one they want. Another roleplay that is realistic and encouraging as the one above. Because of how new it is, it's rather easy to jump into at the moment, and for now it's more making characters than roleplaying. Also, it aims to have the least amount of spam possible.

message 6: by Dapplenose (last edited Dec 06, 2010 04:21PM) (new)

Dapplenose | 54 comments Mod
I have a group called Warriors ~ Endless Whispers. We have a higher standard of roleplay (active, origional plots, in-depth charracters, semi-literate posts, and real romance) and a high-standard group (no excessive drauma, organized and spam-free information). I'm really pouring myself into this because I'm tired of groups with weak standards that boom for a month or two and then die. If you have similar interests and cravings for a roleplay with deeper plots, charracters, and romance, please check it out.

Please read the group description, rules, and when you join, roleplay rules, thouroughly. It's long but really illustrates the group's vision.

It's not picking up yet, so there's nothing to catch up on.

message 7: by Dapplenose (new)

Dapplenose | 54 comments Mod
The Quest for Fire: a Warriors RP is a semi-literate roleplay about LeafClan, CloudClan, and FireClan. It's set in the future, when after a huge battle ThunderClan and WindClan combined to form LeafClan and RiverClan and ShadowClan combined to form CloudClan. Now, generations later, some cats must go on a quest to bring FireClan, a Clan formed by some cats that fled the battle, back home to the lake. But LeafClan and CloudClan will not be eager to give up some of their territory to FireClan.

It's a pretty neat group. We have an origional storyline and lots of interesting plots (forbiden romances, betrayal, and more!). Don't freak out about the huge roleplays, we're working on a summary to make it super easy to catch up. Before you can join the roleplay, you have to take assesments. That's just so that the roleplayers meet the rules and requirements. :)

message 8: by Madhins (new)

Madhins  Please check out this group:

Basically, you choose between each clan and decide who you want to join. You cannot roleplay in more then one clan but you can make multiple characters. I'm doing this because it's generally easier to roleplay one clan, and when members are separated I think this will add that natural sense loyalty and superiority.

So it's a weird theory but I think it will be more intense then usual because your dedicated to one clan.

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