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SpazzyJazzy 1. What clan do you wish to be Medicine cat of and why: ThunderClan!! Because... well... hmmm. I've always thought my character sort of suited being either a ThunderClan Med. Cat, or a ShadowClan Med. Cat that acts differently from the rest of her Clan.

2. Name as many herbs as you can and their uses:
Poppy Seeds- Reduces pain and can make cats feel sleepy. They're not meant to be given to a Queen during birthing.
Thyme Leaves- They're used to calm a cat down or to treat shock.
Comfrey- I'm pretty sure it's used for broken bones
Cobwebs- If we're including cobwebs, they're used to stop bleeding.
Snakeroot- Used to counter poision, I'm pretty sure it's mainly used for snake bites.
Tansy- It stops coughing, but it's not to be used on Queens as they can miscarry and it's to be given out in small doeses.

3. When and where to you go at half-moon and what do you do (We are in the forest): I'm pretty sure that's when you go to Highstones, where the Moonstone is. There, the Medicine Cats walk with StarClan in their dreams, and receive prophecies or advice. Medicine Cats can also take Leaders to the Moonstone to receive their nine lives.

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1) Thunderclan med cat apprentice because I've always been fascinated about the med cat thing
2) borage leaves-helps nursing queens increase supply of milk
poppy seeds-helps relieve pain
cobwebs-helps stop bleeding
yarrow-expels poison
deathberries(shudders)-kills a cat.........
mouse bile(does that count as an herb?)-makes ticks fall off
wild garlic-prevents infection
honey-soothes the throat
marigold-stops infections
3) Meet with the other med cats and go to Highstones and touch nose to Moonstone and have dreams of Starclan and receive prophecies and talk to Starclan about problems. Also leaders receive nine lives and med cat apprentices become full med cats(right?)

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