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RedPath | 562 comments Name: Pierce Brosner

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: Pierce has longish, dark brown hair. It reaches the nape of his neck and is constantly getting in his eyes. His skin was originally a nice, tan color, but after an extended amount of time in Hell (don't feel like explaining...), his skin is pale and a little grayish. His figure is only a teeny bit lanky, since he's still a teenager. He has heterochromia, meaning that his eyes are two different colors. One is blue and the other is green, both framed by long. dark lashes. His lips are a little thin, but they're red like cherries and almost always in a frown or a smirk. He stands at about six feet tall and has a soccer player's build. He's fast, but is also pretty strong and knows how to manipulate his strength well.

Personality: Pierce is a rather grumpy teenager. He likes to contradict others and always bursts everyone's happy bubble. But he only does so when they're ignoring big problems that would later affect them. He's very sarcastic, but is capable of responding directly. He's pessimistic, often seeing the downside to the situation before the upside. He's not very open with his thoughts or feelings, and hides them behind biting words and snide remarks.

But Pierce is also fiercely loyal to his friends. He holds them close and isn't as hard on them as he is with others. He also has the uncanny ability to make them feel better. But he doesn't have many friends who he is like that to. It takes a good bit of time to build that kind of relationship. At least, for him.

Pierce also likes to argue. If someone wants to make a point against him, they have to make sure it's a good one. He can take people's words and use it against them. In this way, he could be a lawyer (not that he wants to be). But without this, if he's planning something, it'd have more holes in it than mozzarella. So, his tendency to be the Devil's Advocate is handy sometimes.

Pierce is very firm with his beliefs. He scrutinizes everything, so if he's supportive of an idea or movement, you can give up on trying to convince him otherwise. His stubbornness is impressive, and he could stand up to an evil dictator if the need arose. This also makes him unwilling to give up on something or someone he has faith in, which can either be good or bad.

Likes: Pizza, soccer, a good argument, a pair of comfortable jeans, sarcasm, black licorice.

Dislikes: James Bond, idiots, zucchini, wool, pop/techno music, Gatorade (he thinks it tastes funny), slobs.

What you know about your character's past: He was 'killed' by a pizza parlor sign in Baltimore after soccer practice. Just before his death, his girlfriend called and broke up with him, which is another reason why he's so bitter. The Noctals renamed him Kaiser, but her remembers his real name later on.

Where you character will end up: Reuniting with my main character.

What you need help with: Redeeming personality traits, physical flaws, and anything he needs to be rounder.

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He sounds like Fate. Hehe.

Maybe he's really good to have a deep, witty conversation with if you're not afraid of a little debate.

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RedPath | 562 comments Oh my o.o

Hmmm, sounds good. I shall add.

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message 5: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments Pierce Brosnan? I like it :) But he'll hate me XD

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That's okay. It would be a funny joke because Pierce Brosnan is a real person XD

message 7: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments :O For real??

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Yep. He was one of the many James Bonds.

message 9: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments ........Epic. I bet Pierce would be proud XD

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes. He should be.

message 11: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments I should mention that somewhere in the story...

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You should fill it with James Bond references. And when he introduces himself to other people they could be like, "Pierce Brosnan? As in the actor?" or something like that.

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RedPath | 562 comments :O I should. But he doesn't remember his name until, like, halfway through the story. OH! Maybe when he remembers it, my main character will go, "You mean like the guy who played James Bond?" And for added effect, he'll hate James bond and get really annoyed XD

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YES! Brilliance! I like that.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) hey, what goes on people? i hate feeling new... lol.

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RedPath | 562 comments Skitts wrote: "YES! Brilliance! I like that."

Why thank you :)

Isobel wrote: "hey, what goes on people? i hate feeling new... lol."


Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) hi. oooopsies. interrupting planning, arent i?

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RedPath | 562 comments -shrug- sorta. Not really.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) ok good. i hate interrupting.
so, whatcha sorta planning?

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RedPath | 562 comments A character for one of my stories. Got any suggestions for him?

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) hmm... let me read what ya have so far then i'll think.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) poor him. lolz enjoy torturing characters? i did some torture to rivendale (character in my book) recently. so last name, more personality and etcetera?

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RedPath | 562 comments Hahaha, only a little ;)

-nodnod- Yep,

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) ok then. last name.... you could to classics (ie, johnson, davidson, brown) or something more exoticy (ronzoni, maker, shephard, poulton etc etc) physical flaws? how bout a scar? like a big one!

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RedPath | 562 comments I don't care about commoness as long it has at least two syllables. Maybe of German or even Italian decent.

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message 27: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments As for a scar, he'll get one during the story perhaps. But it'll be gone by the end XD

message 28: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments Skitts wrote: "BROSNAN, I say!"

XDDD Maybe!

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) bronsan... i like thhat lolz.

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RedPath ~Enna-girl~ wrote: "Skitts wrote: "BROSNAN, I say!"

XDDD Maybe!"

It would be so funny if you named him that.

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Isobel wrote: "bronsan... i like thhat lolz."

I love it so much.

message 32: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments OH OH OH! His mom could love James Bond (especially Pierce Brosnan) and since her last name happened to be Brosnan....XD

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) *grins* did someone's mommy get naughty with a certain british (?) spy?

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) seriously tho. is bond british? i think so.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) GRAA! STUCK! AAH!

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RedPath | 562 comments Noooo....-shifty eyes-

Isobel wrote: "GRAA! STUCK! AAH!"


Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) i'm writing. trying to, i should say. failing at would be good too. stupid characters and their confusing love, death and murder/ancient family trials. writer's block sucks lol.

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RedPath | 562 comments IKR?? I've been trying to write all day -_- You're almost done with the first draft and BOOM! You get stuck.

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Isobel wrote: "seriously tho. is bond british? i think so."

Yes. James Bond is British.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) exactly. even worse is when you have book 1 or something- DONE. book 2? hell no lolz. you have ideas for what will happen, who will die, but nothing that will happen NOW! ugh lolz. -_-

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) WOOT! bond is british? *halleluja chorus* i was right!

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Yes. You were right.

message 43: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments Congrats!

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Wootage at large.

message 46: by RedPath (new)

RedPath | 562 comments heehee!

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) lolz. arg. my characters must be blocking my brain. i am stuck- writing nonsense! hmm...

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RedPath | 562 comments I'm sorry :( But don't stop writing. Sitting down and writing is the cure for writer's block ^-^

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) lolz i agree. now i need to find this part in book 1 where marc tells little lae how her dad died... where is it! they only run into marc like two times! grrr.

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RedPath | 562 comments Heh O_O

Soooooo anymore helpful ideas?

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