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♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Demeter sat in the library reading a book on tracking.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Baubles opened his eyes and stretched his short stubby legs.

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Eylfer and Tytra were perched in the branches of the great tree, watching the stars. Tytra was distracted by bits of mu metal she was bending into different shapes.

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Tahtipolya Coryn flew around.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) ((No offense but, this is boring. I'm going to try to liven it up))

Demeter was facinated as she read the very descriptive book. She noticed it was break light so she closed the book. And put it back where it belonged. She flew to the dining hollow and sat at her usual table/nest maid snake.

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Tahtipolya ((OK whats Chew?))

Coryn flew over too Demeter.

((I've only read the first book, but I LOVED it!))

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Eylfer looked down at Tytra, then at the tree. "Looks like break light is ready," he said to her. Tytra looked back at the tree, then at Eylfer. "Okay. Are you sitting with the weather chaw tonight?"

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Soccerdog816 wrote: "((OK whats Chew?))

Coryn flew over too Demeter.

((I've only read the first book, but I LOVED it!))"

((Don't you mean chaw? chaw is a section of owls that you do certain things like Navigational chaw(where you navigate) The weather/colliering chaw(fly in nasty weather and collect coals/embers from forest fires) Tracking chaw(you track) search and rescue and The Ga'Hoololagy(where you take care of the Great Tree)))
"Hello Coryn," Demeter said.

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Tahtipolya ((Oh!Thanks!))

"Hello Demeter." Coryn replied.

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Eylfer bobbed his head in a nod. "We're discussing some weather experiments the ryb wants us to do," he said, then flew towards the dining hollow. Tytra followed, the small bits of metal clutched in her talons.

Beautiful Survivor Mary Ann and Malice quickly shimmied the tree, looking for a unexpecting owl. Mary peered into the library longily...she always wanted to join the Gaurdians of Gahoole, but due to circumstances, she was a scarfaced barn owl of the Pure Ones. Malice maliciously targeted a owl, a Sooty Owl, and killed it.

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"Hey, Eylfer. I'm going to go to the library for a bit, all right?" Tytra said.

"All right. See you in free flight." Eylfer flew over to the weather chaw's table/snake.

Tytra flew to the library, still clutching the metal.

Beautiful Survivor Fog silently was reading a book by a old Burrowing Owl that was called, "Why Peace Should Come." She always had a soft spot for the Pure Ones...and the tree. Couldn't they all just get along.

Malice and Mary watched the owl. Malice was ready to kill...Mary, didn't want to fight.

Beautiful Survivor Fog always seemed able to talk to Runner because Runner was a owlet she had helped raise. She smiled and handed him a book about owl racing.

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Tytra flew into the library and went to the shelves with the books about metal.

Beautiful Survivor Fog sighed and went back to her book.
Malice suddenly screeched and her and Mary flew madley into the library.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Demeter finished her tea and went back to the library. She got the book she had been reading earlier and perched next to Runner.

Beautiful Survivor Beautiful Survivor wrote: "Fog sighed and went back to her book.
Malice suddenly screeched and her and Mary flew madley into the library."

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Tytra whirled and stared at the two Barn Owls.

Beautiful Survivor Fog screeched but Malice slashed her side open. Mary saw that Malice was doing the bloody work. She grabbed the Curse book they were looking for, but she quickly grabbed some books about random stuff and flew out of the tree.

Beautiful Survivor Malice had gotten a bad scratch in the stomach by a severly injured Fog, and stumble flew out of the tree.

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"Eylfer!!" Tytra screeched, flying after Mary. Eylfer swiveled his head and flew out of the dining hollow, finely tuned to his adopted sister's cries.

Beautiful Survivor Mary felt them chasing after her and she was freaking out. Her wings fluttered so madly that her feathers were falling out by bunches and the weight of the books weren't helping. Malice snarled and tried her best to keep up. She knocked out some of Mary's useless books and tried to carry them, which were not helping her in speed in the process.
Fog gurgled blood and then hurried after the two owls.

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Eylfer flew at Mary and struck at her soft underbelly.

Tytra also flew at Mary and snatched the books from her talons.

Beautiful Survivor Mary screeched in agony and tried to fight, but she was not prepared. Malice, was about to flee without her partner, but she felt the need to help, even if she was injured. She struck Tytra's head and grabbed the Curse book and apparently digging book and hurried of. Both of them weak.

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Seeing Tytra injured spurred Eylfer on. He rushed at Malice and ripped his claws down her side. Snatching the books, he flew back to the tree and deposited them in the library, then flew to Tytra.

Beautiful Survivor Malice was only flying with a half of might. She puffed loudly, feeling her world going blurry. Now, she was more freaked out then Mary, who had dissapeared. She flew madly around, screeching loudly.

Beautiful Survivor Malice then shook her head, "I can't go yeep! I can't go yeep!" Malice screeched. She was almost blind in confusion in pain now.

Beautiful Survivor ((Thnks for making me mod."
Now Malice seemed to gone insane. She crash landed in a tree, getting caught and breaking her wing in the struggle.

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Tytra was lying injured on the floor of the library. Eylfer flew to her, tears brimming in his amber eyes.

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((Anyone gonna help Eylfer and Tytra??))

Beautiful Survivor Malice was alone now, bleeding with a broken wing, caught in a throny tree. She screamed loudly and shrilly, hurting herself worst and worst.
Mary was on the beach. She saw a book she dropped floating in the ocean and quickly retrieved it.

Beautiful Survivor Fog came over to Tyrtra with some herbs in her beak.

Beautiful Survivor Malice screamed more and more loudly and struggled harder, despite the searing pain.

Beautiful Survivor Malice suddenly got herself loose, but she fell into the deep blue ocean.

Beautiful Survivor Malice squabbled on top of the water pathetically.
"Can't die, can't die." She quickly washed up on shore, puking salt water with blood.

Beautiful Survivor Malice's sight returned. She noticed Runner and snarled, even though her chances of winning were slimmer than her thinnest feather.
Mary stared at the book in awe. It was a violet mousefur bound book called, "The History of Owls."

Beautiful Survivor "Yes you do! You all do! Were nothing but enemies!" snarled Malice, trying to hobble away.
Mary just wished she knew how to read it. She carefully sat it out to dry and then remembered Malice, but she shrugged. Malice was nothing to her.

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"Can you help her?" Eylfer asked, a tear dripping off his beak. Tytra moaned as the wound on her head continued to bleed.

Beautiful Survivor Malice wanted to continue, but kept stumbling because of the pain. She soon laid flat on her belly.
Fog nodded and started mending the wound gently.

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Eylfer watched Fog and hoped desperately Tytra would be all right.

Beautiful Survivor Soon the wound was patched up, "Just let her rest."

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"I'll take her back to her hollow," Eylfer said, gently picking up Tytra in his talons. He flew carefully back to the hollow and laid her in her nest.

Beautiful Survivor Fog then sensed something was wrong and flew where Digger was.

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((Max Ride rp, please?))

Eylfer watched Tytra, then nestled into his nest and tried to sleep.

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((*sigh* gtg now...))

Beautiful Survivor Beautiful Survivor wrote: "Malice wanted to continue, but kept stumbling because of the pain. She soon laid flat on her belly.
Fog nodded and started mending the wound gently."

((And Fog joined him))

Beautiful Survivor Malice and Mary, in their two different spots...looked up and gasped, trying to hide from Bayne.

Beautiful Survivor ((So Runner's ditching her...))

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