The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number The Golden Ratio discussion

People read this stuff?

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Jeffrey Wow, this is one of the reasons I signed up, to find people who read this stuff. I thought I was a lone geek, but it's great to see Geekdum is a town that is live and thriving. Onward Geek Squad!!!!

Michelle Agreed!!!!!! Its quite an interesting book. I have had to re-read a few of the pages but still a lot of informative topics within the books. Great mix of history and math.

Northern K Sunderland Oh yes Jeffrey, the Geek Squad is strong. In fact, my lone tattoo is the PHI symbol.

Cory Lamontagne Of course people read this stuff. I would imagine only super geeks though ;) A good read is The nothing that is. A book on how 0(zero) came about. Pretty interesting.

David Yes, more of us read this stuff. I love science/math. I found this book very interesting --- I ended up speaking in front of my son's 7th grade math class about the Golden Ratio (I'm a banker, not a mathematician).

Luis Camacho Love this book. I've reread parts of it several times. I also like Zero: THe History of a Dangerous Idea.

Enrique Puricelli Good book but not in the League of a History of PI or Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. One feels the author has a number of pages he is obliged to write and flogs a dead horse through many chapters.

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