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Books i loved (in order)
1: Percy jackson and the olympians. (the whole series)
2: The kane chronicles.
3: IT.
4: Harry potter. (the whole series)
5: The shining.
6: Inkheart.
my favourite authors are.(in order of awesomeness)
1: Rick riordan.
2: stephen king.
3: Joanne rowling.
4:D.r seus...yes i actually still enjoy reading kids books

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cool Thx for joining!

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your welcome!

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oh yeah and warriors is a GREAT series of books you MUST read them!!!!

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ive never read them...

message 7: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle I tried to read the Stephen King novel Dreamcatcher but I didn't really like the style which is was written in so I stopped reading it. I own it so will probably go back to reading it though.

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oh yeah...i really like him he's a good writer in my opinion...he writes a lot of scary stuff...

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Megan I read part of IT but could barely get past six chapters. Stephen King likes to write in a lot of side notes which makes it kind of boring. But when theres actual action in his books I can't put em down

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cool. my dad won't let me read any of his books yet... i think i won't be able to turn out the light if i did though :-)

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lol yeah maybe not...

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