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message 1: by Margo (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:28PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Margo Solod bourdain sucks. i think he's just a giant male ego looking for gratification. he was an adequate cook who used an iron stomach and the average person's fascination with unknown and different foods to build himself a career. for that, i suppose i have to admire him. but i find his me me me attitude and his colmlete inselsitivity to indigenous peoples whose culture he is appropriating appalling.

message 2: by Anne (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anne one comment - say what you want but spellcheck your work first....

Ronzo V Margo - I get where you're coming from. Bourdain exhibits many of the alpha male characteristics that can come off as grossly self-promotional. but if you read his work, and watch no reservations, you'll find that he's very quick to make fun of himself and in the case of no reservations, question why he's making TV at all. kitchen confidential, by my judgment, shows a pretty caring, open-minded side of the guy who has remarkable loyalty to his mostly immigrant kitchen crew. not to mention he coos at the presence of tough kitchen chicks at any chance he gets. and if you read his les halles cook book, again, he's quick to point out that thomas keller would scream at you for making stock the way bourdain tells you to do it. but to say the guy sucks, well, i think you've got to be just stroking your own ego.

Sylvia I just read Kitchen Confidential and I don't get why Margo says Bourdain is insensitive to "indigenous peoples". And many of his references to himself were pretty self-effacing. Did you read the interview and afterword?

Patrick Actually isn't it Bourdain himself that has said Chef's are egomaniacs and very self absorbed? And after reading his book and watching his show on the Travel Channel I can say in my opinion that he is far from looking for his own gratification, if anything he is avoiding it to make fun of himself.

message 6: by Jaimie (new) - added it

Jaimie I don't think someone who displays such horrendous spelling and grammar should be judging people, especially successful people. Take a look in the mirror, dear.

Mariusar I have to agree with most here. The OP, IMHO, is completely offbase. I find Bourdain to be smart, engaging, funny, simultaneously irreverent yet respectful and intriguing. Has the OP ever watched any of Bourdain's shows? For my money [and time:], there is no better travel guide out there. His shows in Asia are particularly excellent, but he shines most everywhere he visits. To me, he is obviously respectful of third-world indigenous cultures. Yes, he can be a little crass and egocentric, but who cares when he is able to produce and write really interesting travel shows and books.

Look again Margo...

Susanne I loved this book and became a fan of No Reservations since reading it. I have always enjoyed cooking shows and been interested in trying new things but I can honestly say he has opened my eyes.

message 9: by Sue (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sue I have no problem with this book, in fact, I quite enjoyed it. He's honest and funny and gives us a look behind the kitchen door. The Bourdain I don't like is the new one; he's older, he's a father, and he's nice. Ick. Who wants to watch a TV show or read a book from a guy who likes everything and phrases his dislike so politely? I miss the crass, drug-adled asshole he used to be.

Chris Wilson He ate an unwashed, partially cooked warthog anus that was presented to him as a gift in Namibia, and he ate it with much more grace than I would have been able to.

I've also got the feeling from watching his shows that he enjoys experiencing other cultures, and sharing that experience with others. He seeks out the places that locals go, instead of the standard tourist hotspots.

Saying that he's completely insensitive to indigenous people is hardly fair.

sssss This is a guy that just put it out there, he did not care if we liked how his world is or not. From my reading, not actual experience, professional kitchens are a different environment. Theirs is a specific culture the rest of us find harsh. I found it quite interesting. His second book, Medium Raw was good also, though I found him backing off from his previous judgments/statements of some high TV profile people. I still believe in the do not eat fish on Mondays in a non-seafood restaurant. Gordon Ramsey's book was entertaining also.

Elizabeth I loved the book. I found it to be honest... not only about the industry, but about himself. Sure, he's an ego-maniac. So what? He worked hard to move up in the restaurant business. He was a druggy. So what? He's not trying to hide anything. I'm sure this book was cathartic for him. It was just pure entertainment for me! And I love his tv show. I'm going to miss it after the last episode this week :(

Joanne I heard Bourdain was just going to another network. Was tired of Travel Channel.

message 14: by CD (new) - rated it 4 stars

CD Perhaps the most ironic thing is Bourdain has demonstrated that he is as good or better a writer than chef/cook!

message 15: by T (new) - rated it 2 stars

T Anne wrote: "one comment - say what you want but spellcheck your work first...."

Agree - that was what I thought about that entire book. Hire an editor dude.

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