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message 1: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Name: Fallenmoon
Gender: M
Former Rank: Medicine Cat
Former Clan: ShadowClan
Pelt/Eyes: http://www.kayh-airbrush.de/Bilder/bl...
Personality: Fallenmoon always seemed like a friendly and trustworthy cat, yet deep down he had dark desires. He believed that evil cats were always 'born' as opposed to 'made', as there is no direct influence in his life that may suggest something may have turned him into what he is to this day. He won't work for anybody if there's nothing in it for him, and is more than likely to doublecross you the first chance he gets. Loyalty is a word that has only just made it into his volcabulary. Determined and persistent, there isn't much that will keep him from his real intention; to run WindClan. Death, he believes, is only a small hinderence in his plans.
Reason sent to the Dark Forest: He killed his WindClan brother, Redleaf, and attempted to corrupt his sister Leafswirl. He used his power as a Medicine Cat to control his Clan, convincing them with false signs from StarClan and poisoning any cat that got in his way.
Former/Current Mate: None
Kin: Leafswirl (Sister), Fogjumper, Redleaf (Brothers), Sunkit, Dark-kit (Nephews), Leopardkit, Moonkit (Neices)

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SpazzyJazzy Thanks

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Name: TigerFace
Gender: Male
Former Rank: Warrior
Forme Clan: Wind
Pelt/Eyes: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: Dark and myterious
RIDF: He was evil as a kit, because if his father AdderTooth (See windclan). He looks just like his fatger. One moon he was made an warrior, the next he killed the dep. He then killed a few kits and two apprentices. He hated all tabby kits. He killed three, StickKit BushKi and FrostKit (See Starclan) He attempted to kill LizardKit but failed. LizardKit told the clan.
Kin: AdderTooth (Father)
Other: He was killed by the clan. Including AcornFur.

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Jaidyn | 26 comments Name:Crystalshine
Former Rank:Deputy
Former Clan:River
Pelt/Eyes:Silver tabby with white belly, paws, and tail tip and crystal blue eyes
Personality:Vicious, mysterious, murderer, scary, and bossy
RIDF: Killed deputy, parents, queens, kits, and elders. Led clan into battle so i could kill more people. Dreams to take over the forest
Kin: Cloudmist (mother) Emberstorm (father) Leopardkit , Featherkit and Bumblekit (kits)
Other: Was killed by rival clan. Her enemy is Copperfang

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Jaidyn | 26 comments thanx

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