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Tahtipolya By:Graystripe106
The Beginning of Destruction:

All the Clans are going through drought and famine which makes the more vulnerable to danger. A rouge wolf arrives with a few others and convinces all the packs but WindClan that he can help. WindClan is given the choice to join him or leave. They are chased out of their home and must find a way to get back. Meanwhile the packs famine is growing worse and worse everyday and they are beginning to question the rouge but any cat who challenges his leadership will be executed. WindClan's leader decides to fight and make war. They must gather all the warriors they can get to fight before its the end of the packs for ever.

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Tahtipolya Thanks, Graystripe106 (From Dawn of the warriors) Made it.

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Tahtipolya Ya.

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Tahtipolya ;) MAke a mate/crush for Willowcry?

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Tahtipolya :D

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SpazzyJazzy Have you decided on that or are you still open for suggestions?

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Open to suggies still?

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Cool- Destruction of the forest has begun, foxs are moving in, twolegs are destroying the territorys. Worst of all badgers are bringing death to their forest, killing all their prey, and bringing fermine and illness to the clan. The clan may have to move, will they? Or will they just stay and fight. SOme will remain warriors, or go to rouges and kittypets. Or die the best death, as a warrior for your clan. What will you chose?- Thats my idea ;D

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Thanks :D

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