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Jody | 85 comments Mod
Born "dirt poor" mountain folk, the Casteel family has had more ups then downs. Share your love or heartbreak for them. Tell us your favorite characters, plots, scenes and what touched you the most, or struck another feeling in you.

message 2: by April (new)

April (Stinkerbell6879) | 3 comments This is one of my FAVORITE series! Probably because it was the first ones I read. I think it's also my favorite because I really actually like the main character and in the final book you really feel for Heaven's mother Leigh! Also the fact that in the last book you see how Luke Sr., really was a good man at one point in his life.

message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin H I loved Troy!! He's one of my favorites by the author. I really loved Tony as well but only in Web of Dreams when he was younger. My favorite part of the series was when Luke took Leigh to live with him and it was so sad when she died.

message 4: by Loraine (last edited May 03, 2011 05:10AM) (new)

Loraine (rainebaby306) There are so many scenes that I remember and love that it is so very hard to pinpoint my favourite. The ones that stick out the most - the bath scene with Kitty (what a bitch!), when Heaven finds Troy alive in the secret tunnel, when Keith and Our Jane were sold to the Rawlings, when Tom dies at the circus, the roast dinner with Miss Deale, the laxatives at the school dance - wow there are so many I could go on some more!!! If you haven't read it - you should do so!!

message 5: by Veronica (new)

Veronica (verobot) | 1 comments This was one of my favs growing up. Poor heaven and to think after her entire tragic life it seemed in the end she still was not entirely happy. She was still clinging to her uncle...esh haha...but fanny still found a way to cause problems.

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Brianna | 22 comments This is my favorite series out of the ones I have read by V.C. Andrews, even winning over the Dollanganger series. I actually really liked Heaven, and Troy was a really good character. The only really bad thing about this series is Logan. I never liked him at all, and I was sad that the series turned out how it did. Still, an amazing series. :)

message 7: by April (new)

April Warner (fairiedreams) | 4 comments This is my favorite series. Whenever someone asks me about a good book, I recommend Heaven (usually offering my own copy up) and then they are hooked. It's a great starter series for anyone new to V. C. Andrews.

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Pages I loved the Casteel series. I think it was my first series and I read flowers in the attic afterwards.

I loved Heaven and Troy and feeling absolutely gutted that they didn’t get together and Troy’s heartbreak afterwards. I wished he had stepped up more as a father at the end but imagine that he always watched over her.

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Jennie (jennie44) | 4 comments I know as readers, we were supposed to hate Tony, but I felt sorry for him. He was thrust into a father figure to Troy at a young age and married an older woman, probably out of obligation to Troy. He figured an older woman who already had a child would be a good mother. But his new wife was cold, self-centered and really only married Tony for his money. I believe, he does feel something for Leigh, in a sick, twisted way that kinda creeps me out. But she leaves. The only woman left in his life is his daughter, Heaven, who he fears will leave him alone. His control issues were wrong. He probably should have consulted a therapist, but I don't believe he was a "bad" man. I think he was a loving, very sick, very confused, overburdened, lonely character. Anyone else agree?

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Gilda Lynn | 1 comments Jennie, i agree with you about Tony Tatterton. I think he was sick, yes, but i believe that if he was given a chance to be father to Heaven, he wouldn’t be as lonely and as confused. It seems to me that he tried to rape heaven not because she’s heaven but because he was mentally confused and thought she was Leigh. Yes, his thing with Leigh was twisted and creepy but he was good to Heaven and willing to have a father - daughter relationship.

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