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This is bases in a fictional colony in America, if you have an idea for a name for the colony put it here please, the area is wooded and the soil is kind of fertile, it get's real hot, real fast and is really cold at night, like the dessert, but not really. It doesn't have to be historicly acurate either, wich is good for me.
Name: Sammual ( Sam )
Age: 17
sex: male
Looks: Josh Holloway Pictures, Images and Photos
Family: He has two little sister; Lilah(10) and Josephine(7) and a little brother, tom (5). He has a mom and a dad, but mom's gonna die soon
How'd they get here: came on ship with family
Other: His mother is 6 months pregnant, and she is sick. His smallest brother is also very sick, but he just has been that way for a while.

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Lilah: anime child Pictures, Images and Photos
Jo: Anime Child Pictures, Images and Photos
Tom: Rival Child: Boy - Baby/Toddler Pictures, Images and Photos
Mom: Lori Garcia Pictures, Images and Photos
Dad: mustache man Pictures, Images and Photos

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Name: Michelle (mikey or shelly)
Age: 17
sex: male
Looks: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_VB6CB5WRfbE... ((mahahaha from lost!! just like your charrie pic XD Sowyer is amazing!!))
Family: Has a father and she lost her mother on the boat ride over, her mother was pregnant and gave birth to a little boy named Jackson (jack)
Crush: Sam?
How'd they get here: came on ship with family
Other: She lost her mother on the boat and her father is still grieving. She is the one who takes care of pretty much everything. She was betrothed to someone but he died on the boat ride over along with her mother and his parents died so she is technically single. She hardly grieves him because he was a jerk and they didn't know eachother very well.

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