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Predictions for Book 4

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message 1: by Bells (last edited Sep 15, 2010 04:54PM) (new)

Bells | 61 comments Mod
So we don't know the name of Book 4 or when it will be released. Yes we can beg and plead Stacia to give us some hints, but I don't think that's going to happen. LOL! But, we can have some fun and speculate as to what we think might happen. Put on your thinking caps or connect to your psychic abilities and take a guess what you think might happen. (Remember this is just speculation)

I think Chess will continue to pop her pills, but, I think her addiction will start to become a problem in her relationship with Terrible (that's if they have a relationship). She won't be able to score her drugs as easily and she might have to wheel and deal with Bump some more. I don't think Terrible is going to like this. I also think she will still be friends with Lex and this might also be a problem for our man. Lex might still have some feelings for Chess and may try to make a play for her.

message 2: by Anilú (new)

Anilú (anilumagloire) | 50 comments I say this one's gonna be a love triangle. I just know Lex liks his Tulip, much more than he lets on and there's gonna be issues. I just hope Chess keeps the insanity to the minimum cause she HAS to end up with T. She HAS to!!!

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana | 20 comments I think that Terrible's going to struggle with her relationship with Lex, even if she stops "seeing" him in a physical manner. Lex knows things that Chess is very likely to need to know for work or whatever ludicrous task it is that Bump sets for her. But I think Terrible's also very astute and well aware that Lex has helped her (and by extension, him and Bump) in the past.

I do think there's going to be severe tension between them (Lex & Terrible, Chess & Lex, Chess & Terrible), and I'm *more* inclined to think that Chess' addiction is going to cause her problems at work. I think her *past* is going to cause her & Terrible problems.

I don't think Lex will make a play for Chess, but I don't think he'll walk away, either.

As an aside, I don't think books 4 & 5 look good for Dana, Agnew Doyle or Goody Tremmel. There's a definite pattern of characters introduced early getting killed in a gruesome manner.

message 4: by Missy Ann (new)

Missy Ann (missyanntx) | 4 comments Hmmm... I'll start with a qualifier. Depends on how far in the future book 4 is set. Is it days, weeks, a few months from the end of 3?

The closer it's set to book 3 I think less the focus on Terrible and Chess. Is fate so cruel that it can't even give them a few weeks of honeymoon? Don't answer that. lol

Anyway, my thought is brief honeymoon (only mild Lex issues) and I think we're going to get more Chess back story. Specifically her & the Church.

message 5: by Donna (new)

Donna  (ncdonnas) What I'm hoping for is some more about the Church itself. Its so interesting that Chess sees it as such a sanctuary but my view of it is so different. I hope at some point in the series Kane goes a little futher into that.

Does anyone else feel that way about the Church of Truth in this series? I mean, its been a prominent theme in all three books that the church can make mistakes, be infiltrated, and so on, yet they are able to sentence people not only to death but also to torture in the afterlife. Its a horrifying concept for me lol. And its one of the many things that fascinates me about this series, much more than the Chess/Terrible/Lex relationships (blasphemy I know!)

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana | 20 comments Someone mentioned on another thread that the church is pretty creepy. The whole making a religion out of what is decidedly NOT a religion, the whole 1984 mentality of "go to Church services to get selected for better jobs" thing is really disturbing, as is the *worldwide* control the Church of Truth has on people; fining them for a mild expletive, *forcing* them to give up thousands of years of culture, worship and ancestral respect, really upsets me. And at the same time, there's a HUGE emphasis on genealogy (which is entirely unexplained, and as much of a genealogist as I am, I am completely creeped out by this. What, you get better jobs/influence/etc if you can trace your family back 1500 generations? *shudder*)

Also, it's quite clear the Church is *perfectly well aware* what is going on in Downside and in the foster program, which is run by the government/Church. And as many things as happened to Chess in her time "in the system", I'm completely mortified the Church has made apparently NO EFFORT to curb this behaviour. Or Macguinness', what, fifteen thousand mutant children which he was ... what, breeding to torture?

Yeah, not so much a fan of the Church, over here.

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Bells | 61 comments Mod
Donna wrote: "What I'm hoping for is some more about the Church itself. Its so interesting that Chess sees it as such a sanctuary but my view of it is so different. I hope at some point in the series Kane goes a..."

I definitely think something is up with the Church. Perhaps Chess will find out something and will have to deal with that in future books. I get a bad feeling about the Church, somethings just not right.

message 8: by Tori (new)

Tori (smexys_sidekick) | 21 comments I don't want to think about Terrible & Chess relationship probs. It took so long to get them to a good point.

message 9: by Donna (new)

Donna  (ncdonnas) Diana wrote: "Someone mentioned on another thread that the church is pretty creepy. The whole making a religion out of what is decidedly NOT a religion, the whole 1984 mentality of "go to Church services to get..."

Diana, that is exactly what I'm talking about and you put it so nicely and in so many less words than I would have been able to condense my "church" issues into lol I really hope that in the next few books in this series, it really focuses more on the church, it fascinates and horrifies me on so many different levels. For me, its a character in itself, and one that I "love to hate"

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mrsj | 3 comments Well, Terrible and Chess will have issues whereby both of them need time to cope and deal with and I don't want any problem for their relationship.. though.. Lex might want to fight for Chess.. *if I did not sense wrongly that he likes her more than his bed mate?*

I seriously hope Chess kick her addiction... I mean.. c'mon??

message 11: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 11 comments Everything right now with the church is black and white, as far as Chess is concerned. She knows that there are problems in the church, but the church is the only real opportunity at a decent life that she's been given, so she will continue to defend it. I think the Church is going to move into a more gray area for Chess, and possibly be seen for what it really is - a way to control people. It's all about power.

I HOPE Chess and Terrible can work out their issues, but I think there will be Lex and addiction drama to deal with. I hope we learn more about Terrible's past, and maybe find out why he is sensitive to magic. I hope we learn more about Chess' parents - I don't think we've heard the last of them. I feel like they were somehow connected to the church before it took over the world.

message 12: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments I don't think that Lex will fight for her; he said he knew she was going to break up with him but he didn't think it was going to be so sudden. I DO think he has a vested interest in her besides any assistance she can give to him/his father as the Churchwitch, but I don't think he's likely to "fight Terrible for her", largely because I think he realises Chess is *into* Terrible in a way she was never into Lex.

I do suspect we'll see more, perhaps unwilling, cooperation between Terrible and Lex, and I think they both respect the other.

message 13: by Kujo317 (new)

Kujo317 | 17 comments Did anyone catch my little twitter chat last night with @StaciaKane ? She shared another snippet/quote from Downside bk4 and a thought about one of the characters (Lex). I'm telling you ppl ... She's worth staying up for. AND she likes that we're having fun here on I GOTS TERRIBLE FEVER.

Karen ( @kujo317 )

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mrsj | 3 comments what about Lex?!?!?!?!?! I missed it!!

message 15: by Audra (new)

Audra | 4 comments Maybe Chess is pregnant with Lex's baby? i know she's supposedly not able to be but there is a big point of mentioning that she does not have the IUD put in and how pregnant women are more magical...
that would sure be a source of conflict b/w her and Terrible...

message 16: by Missy Ann (new)

Missy Ann (missyanntx) | 4 comments Terrible wouldn't have a problem with Lex's baby. I think he'd have a problem dealing with Lex on a regular basis.

And if Chess gets pregnant I can almost guarantee I'll throw the book against the wall and send Kane some hate mail. ;)

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Audra | 4 comments Yeah, it would be too weird with her having been "using" so much also.

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments Audra wrote: "Maybe Chess is pregnant with Lex's baby? i know she's supposedly not able to be but there is a big point of mentioning that she does not have the IUD put in and how pregnant women are more magical..."

Lex was careful to use condoms. Chess never mentioned her sterility to him (Lex) the way she did Terrible. And I really think that Terrible's not as anti-Lex now, after CoG, that everyone seems to think.

message 19: by Karen (new)

Karen (teamsheltie) | 2 comments I agree with Donna. The Church is the creepiest thing in the series to me. I hope Chess starts to examine them more and her trust in them because IMO it's misguided.
I think The Sigil on Terrible's chest will become an issue.
I don't think Lex will be a traditional love triangle problem (or at least I hope not!...lol) but I do think he'll remain an issue because of their past. I think she will always have to work with him on cases and that will cause tension between her and Terrible. Especially if she gets caught up in some more sex magic with Lex...lol
I personally hope it stays focused on Chess and Terrible and goes in a new direction instead of retreading the whole Lex/Chess/Terrible plotline. I like when characters progress and Stacia set up some great potential stoylines at the end of City of Ghosts!
OK - I'm done!

message 20: by Sandra (new)

Sandra The Church has seemed very tyrannical to me from the beginning and I was always a little frustrated with Chess' rose-tinted view of them. When I finished the 3rd book I wasn't sure if that was the end of the series, and was very surprised Kane was going to let the Church remain so much in the readers good graces, because they definitely need to be taken down a peg.

I don't think Chess will ever give up the drugs, I think it's as much a part of her personality and who she is as anything else. And like Terrible did (from the roof scene), I think we as the reader need to accept her for who she is (not who we want her to be), even such an obvious fault.

I'm hoping Chess and Terrible get a honeymoon in this book, and even if all hell breaks lose they deal with it together. We deserve at least that much! Lex definitely isn't out of the picture, but I think he's going to be an occasional sidekick and maybe thorn in Terrible's side but no real threat as a rekindled romance. Chess knows what she wants and I don't think she'll make the same mistake twice. I do think their relationship may hit some bumps (no pun intended) with Bump/work issues because Terrible is his enforcer and Chess is basically an employee.

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