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Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Name: BrindleStar
Gender: Female
Rank: Emfesis on star
Appearence: http://www.fortissimo.cz/img/vzorky2/...
Personality: Nice yet very aggresive
Kin: Open
Crush: Open
Apprentice: Open

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Tahtipolya Name: Willowcry
Rank: Warrior

Personality: To see in RP
Mate:OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please make!
Crush: OPEN!!!!Please make!
Other: Not always sad, leader thought it sounded good :D
Mentor/Apprentice: Closed

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SpazzyJazzy Name: Blazingfire
Gender: M
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Blazingfire is a powerful tom, a result of much training and determination, and has never been afraid to exploit this. Whilst not as fast as any WindClan cat, his stronger legs make it easier to do better, go further but not exactly move faster although he certainly can clear longer distances due to it. Unusually, Blazingstar's pelt is sleeker than most cats, giving the impression that he has RiverClan origins.

The shading of this pelt, however, is a more dark grey laced with the markings of a tabby. His fur is of medium length, nothing to exactly be taken note of, with the shade becoming lighter around his underbelly and paws. This darker colouring allows him to blend in either with the shadows, one thing that has made ShadowClan such expert night hunters and ambushers.

The next thing to note about Blazingfire would be his eyes. Electric blue with emerald green flecks, they're certainly something you notice upon meeting him as they stand out against his dark fur. They're a more darker shade of blue in the darkness of night, once again making it easier to stalk prey as they don't contrast so shockingly with the dark like they do with his fur.

Basically, Blazingstar is your normal ShadowClan cat with dark fur and superior night vision, although his sleek pelt and bright eyes also set him apart from them.
Personality: Blazingfire is thought to be a very proud tom, focussed completely on his Clan. There's nothing more he desires than for his Clan to flourish, although sometimes it can run deeper than that. He has always had a personal feud with WindClan for killing most of his family. Having always been the determined sort, Blazingfire would happily drive WindClan out and claim their territory and would've done so first oppurtunity he received.
For now it's just a matter of waiting.

Blazingfire does have a softer side to him, though. Whilst he's always despised ThunderClan and WindClan, he holds more from respect for the Clan he came from: RiverClan. This is most likely due to the fact his kits live there, the result of an unsucessful relationship he once held with their Medicine Cat.

Despite his proud exterior, Blazingstar does hold a more compassionate nature, one that's only extended towards his Clan and those closer to him. Because, in the end, all Blazingfire really wants is to make his Clan great. It's just...well...some cats tend to get in his way.
Kin: chaos-star (Brother), Shadowfang, Hawkflight, Ravenheart, Falconpaw (Offspring)
Mate: None
Crush: Open
Mentor/Apprentice: Open

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