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Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 179 comments Name: AcornFur
Gender: Female
Rank: Deputy
Appearence: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs48/f/200...
PersonalityL Nice and cunning
Kin: closed
Crush: OPEN
Other: She is very small. She is about the size of an apprentice but is still very strong.
Apprentice: OPEN

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Tahtipolya Name: Icerose
Gender: F
Rank: Med.cat




Personality: RP
Crush: OPEN
Other: Wants to rebel ;)
Mentor/Apprentice: OPEN

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Name: Starpelt
Gender: female
Rank: warrior
Appearance: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_cdYO0DLcX1c...
EYES: http://www.freewebs.com/snowpoppy/bla...
Personality: kind, unsure, timid
Kin: open
Mate: open
Crush: nope
Other: --
Mentor/Apprentice: open

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SpazzyJazzy Name: Leafswirl
Gender: F
Rank: Queen
Appearance: http://photocache.petfinder.com/fotos...
Personality: Leafswirl is a rather easygoing cat, not as obsessed over her kits as most Queens appear to be. Whilst she loves them dearly, she gave up trying to control them a long time ago, but that doesn't mean she lets them run wild. Even she has her limitations, and her kits know better than to question their mothers judgement, knowing that if they do anything too extreme their mother wouldn't let it slide so easily. Being fairly more casual and laid back than you would expect from your typical Queen, Leafswirl can act like a bit of a kit at times and is dedicated to her Clan.
Kin: Sunkit, Moonkit, Dark-kit, Leaopardkit (Offspring), Fallenmoon, Readleaf, Fogjumper (Brother)s
Mate: Needed
Crush: None
Mentor/Apprentice: None

Name: Sunkit (Sunstorm)
Gender: M
Rank: Kit
Appearance: http://bramblestar-of-moonclan.webs.c... Minus the purple eyes- he has hazel eyes instead
Personality: Sunkit is one hyper kit, energetic and eager and ALWAYS getting himself into trouble. His sense of adventure often leads him (and his littermates) astray as well as his need to be the big hero. He loves to leave Camp, free of warriors supervision to prove how big and brave he is, especially since he's eager to become an apprentice. Although he knows how to show respect, he will often ignore certain parts of what cats say to him, just to give himself a bit of excitement. A loyal kit of WindClan, with Sunkit around many have learned to expect the unexpected.
Kin: Leafswirl, ??? (Parents), Moonkit, Dark-kit, Leopardkit (Littermates), Fallenmoon, Redleaf, Fogjumper (Uncles)
Mate: Too young
Crush: Too young (will be changed when he becomes an apprentice)
Other: Barely over three moons old.
Mentor/Apprentice: None

Name: Moonkit (Moondapple)
Gender: F
Rank: Kit
Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_honDQqNmiPU...
Personality: Moonkit is an enthusiastic young kit, who just wants to be the best Warrior she can be. She tries hard to make her parents happy, but knows how to have a bit of fun too. Often hanging around with Sunkit and Leopardkit, Moonkit is the sort of cat who wouldn't even consider becoming a Medicine Cat, her mind too caught up in becoming a warriors apprentice to take much notice of it. Although not the sort of cat to start a fight, Moonkit would stick up for her Clanmates in fights that she didn't agree with, determined to uphold the strength of her Clan. Supportive and always there for her family, Moonkit would back any cat no matter what.
Kin: Leafswirl, ??? (Parents), Sunkit, Dark-kit, Leopardkit (Littermates), Fallenmoon, Redleaf, Fogjumper (Uncles)
Mate: Too Young
Crush: Too Young (Will be changed when she becomes an apprentice)
Other: Barely over three moons old.
Mentor/Apprentice: None

Name: Dark-kit (Darkblaze)
Gender: M
Rank: Kit
Appearance: http://www.freewebs.com/sunclanpictur...
Personality: Dark-kit is a lot more mysterious and withdrawn than his littermates, prefering to prowl through the shadows than get into such mischief. He tries to stay unnoticed, out of the spotlight, but alas the fact that he is bigger and more long-limbed than most kits his age thwarts this idea. Dark-kit is determined to be the best warrior he can be, and he resents his brother Sunkit for acting like the leader of their litter. Although neither Sunkit or Moonkit take note of this odd behaviour, Leopardkit seems like Dark-kits only companion.
Kin: Leafswirl, ??? (Parents), Moonkit, Sunkit, Leopardkit (Littermates), Fallenmoon, Redleaf, Fogjumper (Uncles)
Mate: Too Young
Crush: Too Young (Will possibly change when he's an apprentice)
Other: Barely over three moons old.
Mentor/Apprentice: None

Name: Leopardkit
Gender: F
Rank: Kit, but she longs to be the Medicine Cats Apprentice (If thats alright?)
Appearance: Pelt: http://www.freewebs.com/ridgeclanhome... Eyes: http://media.photobucket.com/image/Wa...
Personality: Although having a mischevious side of her own, Leopardkit is the more sensitive one of her litter. She hates conflict and would never get involved in it, not unless her Leader insisted her to. She displays an interest in becoming a Medicine Cat (not that she's told anyone except Dark-kit) and is a very forgiving cat, filled with compassion and rather considerate of others. Being very friendly and outgoing, she's easy to get along with.
Kin: Leafswirl, ??? (Parents), Moonkit, Dark-kit, Sunkit (Littermates), Fallenmoon, Redleaf, Fogjumper (Uncles)
Mate: Too Young
Crush: Too Young
Other: Barely over three moons old, but still has dreams of becoming a Medicine Cat.
Mentor/Apprentice: None

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Name: Breezesun
Rank: Warrior
Appearence:Pure black with light blue eyes
Kin: nont yet
Mate:Leafswirl(is that okay)
Crush: none
Other:he saved a young apprentice from death
Apprentice: OPEN

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Jaidyn | 26 comments Name: Mintkit (Mintfeather)
Gender: Female
Rank: Kit
Appearance: Light gray tabby
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Calm, although she may seem nice she has a dark side no one has ever seen before. She is not the runt of the litter and loves supernatural things.
Kin: Acornfur (Mother please) Oak-kit, Honeykit, and Thunderkit (Littermates)
Mate: Too Young
Crush: Has an interest in Dark-kit
Other: About three moons old, loves kits younger than her, dreams of being leader, she can beat some apprentices in practice battles, prefers squirrels over milk.
Mentor/Apprentice: None

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